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//Online cooking class//Shojin ryori for vegans and vegetarians with Tempura

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2.5 hours

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Cooking Class Menu


1. Tempura with seasonal vegetables
2. Goma dofu(Sesame tofu)
3. Boiled seasonal vegetables with sesame dressing.
4. Miso soup
5. Rice

  • Tempura


    Tempura (天ぷら) is a classical Portuguese dish brought to and popularized by Japan, consisting of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried. Tempura is a typical home-style cooking in Japan. It is often referred to as a representative dish to Japan. Although there are various theories, it is said that Tokugawa Ieyasu, the general of the Edo period, liked tempura so much that he allegedly died from eating too much.

  • Rice


    Rice is a staple food in Japan. In all most every family, there is a rice cooker. There is variety of Japanese rice brands such as Koshihikari and Hitomebore.

  • Miso Soup

    Miso Soup

    Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup. It's base is "dashi" (Japanese fish stock) and Miso paste. Common added ingredients are Tofu, Green onion and deep‐fried tofu but differs by personal preference. The type of miso is different from region. In western and Easter Japan white miso is mostly used.

Cooking Class Information

Would you like to learn Shojin ryori, the traditional Japanese vegan cuisine online? This is the class for you. We will cook vegetable Tempura and other dishes(ALL Vegan) together. If you have any inquiries, feel free to ask me during the class, also before and/or after the class. You can join this class via "Google Meet”. You'll need internet access. Please create a Google account in advance. I'll send the recipes and URL to join the class to your email 2 days before the class. Up to 2 people can join the class at the same time, but please use the same device.

What is Shojin ryori?
Shojin ryori is the traditional cuisine that was developed in Buddhist monasteries in Japan. As it is made without meat, fish, or other animal products, it can be enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians, but those who are not are also welcome.

*Please prepare the below ingredients and tools before the class starts. In case you can't prepare all of the ingredients, you can just watch my demonstration.

*The below ingredients are for 2 people.

600ml of water and a piece of dried Kombu(dried Kelp) to make 500ml of dashi(broth). Please soak a piece of dried Kelp in 600ml of water 30 minutes before the class. I’ll teach you how to make the broth during the class. This broth will be used to make a dipping sauce of Tempura and miso soup. If you can’t find Kelp, you can still cook these dishes with water.

1. Tempura with seasonal vegetables
Very simple ingredients but there are a few tips to cook tasty Tempura. You’ll also learn how to make a dipping sauce for Tempura.

・Seasonal vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, eggplants, pumpkins, cauliflower and so on.
・iced water 50ml
・flour 20g and potato starch 20g (or flour 40g)
・a pinch of salt
/Dipping sauce/
・broth or water 100ml
・mirin(Japanese sweet rice wine) 60ml
・shoyu(soy sauce) 50ml
*If you can’t prepare the ingredients for dipping sauce, you can enjoy Tempura with salt. It’s also delicious.

2. Goma dofu(Sesame tofu)
Goma dofu is one of the most typical Shojin ryori dishes. I learned the recipe of Goma dofu directly from a Buddhist monk.

・water 150ml
・pre-ground sesame paste or tahini paste 25g
・Arrowroot starch or potato starch or corn starch 25g
・Iced water to let Goma-dofu cool
/Miso sauce/
・2 Tbsp of sesame seeds
・1 and 1/2 Tbsp of miso
・1 and 1/2 Tbsp of mirin(Japanese sweet rice wine)
・1 Tbsp of sugar
*If you can’t prepare the ingredients for miso sauce, you can eat Goma-dofu with soy sauce. (and wasabi, Japanese horseradish if you like.)

3. Boiled seasonal green vegetables with sesame dressing
It’s very simple and a good way to eat fresh vegetables.

・Seasonal green vegetable
・1 Tbsp of sesame seeds or walnuts
・1 Tsp of shoyu(soy sauce)

4. Miso soup

・broth or water 400ml
・Tofu(silken tofu) (or your favorite ingredients)

5. Rice
The choice of white rice or brown rice.
Please let me know in advance which you prefer.

White rice 200ml
water 200ml
*Please wash white rice, and then soak white rice in water for 30 minutes-1 hour before the class starts.
*We can cook white rice with a rice cooker, a pressure cooker, or a pot.

Brown rice 200ml
water 225ml
1/2 Tsp of salt
*Please wash brown rice, and then soak brown rice in water for 6-12 hours.
*I’ll teach you how to cook brown rice using a pressure cooker.

4 pots
3 mixing bowls and 2 strainers
1 (small) frying pan
1-2cutting board and 1-2kitchen knife
1 ladle
Long chopsticks or forks or spoons

1 pot or frying pan to deep fry vegetable Tempura.
1 long chopstick or tongs to cook Tempura
Cooking paper to drain oil(Tempura)
1 wooden or heat-resistant spatula to cook Goma-dofu
Plastic wrap, 2 rubber bands, and 2 small cups or glasses to cook Goma-dofu
1 mortar and 1 pestle to ground sesame seeds, and make sesame dressing for green vegetables. If you don’t have a mortar and a pestle, you can ground sesame seeds with your fingers.
A rice cooker or a pressure cooker or a pot to cook white rice.
A Pressure cooker to cook brown rice.

*2burners on the gas stove will be necessary.

*Host availability
We can start the class from 7:00 am (Japan standard time) to 5:00 pm (Japan standard time). *I registered 8:00 am class and 4:00 pm class(both times are Japan standard time), but if you want to change the time, please send me a message when you make a booking.

I recommend this class for people who have experience of cooking Japanese cuisine, or who are interested in vegan Japanese cooking. If you are interested in making Tempura but are not familiar with Japanese cooking so much, or if you prefer a shorter class time, the below class might be good for you.

//Online class//Crispy vegetable Tempura and miso soup for vegans and vegetarians.
Please copy and paste the below URL, and click it.

The offline cooking class is below.

What you will do

Send recipes 2 days before the class

1. Send recipes 2 days before the class

I'll send recipes to your email 2 days before the class so that you can prepare well. Also, it will be easy for you to reproduce the food after the class. You can check what kinds of ingredients and tools will be necessary on this webpage, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me by email.

Send URL to join the class via Google Meet

2. Send URL to join the class via Google Meet

I'll send the URL to join the class via Google Meet 2days before the class starts. Please create a Google Meet account in advance.

Enjoy cooking together online!

3. Enjoy cooking together online!

We will cook shojin ryori together online. Some food I will demonstrate first, so that you can cook after you learn how to make them. If you have any questions, you can ask me during the class.

About Host



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All cooking classes by Yoko

Nice to meet you! My name is Yoko.I'm a vegetable sommelier.
I love cooking and eating Japanese dishes with seasonal vegetables.
I'm happy to share with you healthy dishes I cook daily for my family.
I’m growing organic vegetables.
You might have a chance to eat fresh organic homegrown vegetables.*
I love traveling and "taste" different cultures.
I've traveled about 50 countries as a tour guide and for a private trip.
It was a lot of fun to meet local people and eat local foods.
That's why I decided to become a local host of airKitchen.
I'm excited to welcome you to my kitchen with lots of hospitality and do cultural exchange through cooking.
By the way, I’m a mother of a little girl.
My daughter will be at home during my lesson so children and babies are more than welcome.
She’ll enjoy playing with your children.
Feel free to ask me what you need.
Looking forward to seeing you!
*It depends on the season and the weather.

Instagram: yoko_shiki


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From Shimoda Station: 0mins

Exact location provided after booking.

Reviews of Cooking Class

Thomas Koster, United States of America


We had a great time with Yoko. On the simple steps we did everything in sync. On the more complex steps we first watched then copied. Whenever we had questions she answered them. Everything came out great and tasted amazing.

Dec 2020


Response from Yoko
Thomas, Thank you so much for joining my cooking class. I had so much fun cooking with you. I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the food. Your Tempura looked so crispy and tasty!

sylvia, United States of America


The cooking class per zoom with Yoko was great. She send me the grocery list, list of tools needed as well as the recipes beforehand so I cold prepare well. At the actual session her instructions were very clear and some things she demonstrated and I cooked them after her and got her feedback and could ask questions. Yoko was very patient and friendly. The food was delicious and I felt confident cooking the recipes a few days later on my own. Do try her class!

May 2020


Response from Yoko
Sylvia, Thank you so much joining my cooking class. I had so much fun cooking with you via zoom. I'm so happy to hear you could cook the recipes by yourself a few days later. Enjoy shojin ryori at your home!

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Response from Yoko

FAQ about //Online cooking class//Shojin ryori for vegans and vegetarians with Tempura | Cooking class by Yoko

  • Is //Online cooking class//Shojin ryori for vegans and vegetarians with Tempura available for vegans?

    Yes, //Online cooking class//Shojin ryori for vegans and vegetarians with Tempura has a vegan option.

  • How long is this cooking class by Yoko?

    Duration of this cooking class is 2.5 hours.

  • Is //Online cooking class//Shojin ryori for vegans and vegetarians with Tempura available for vegetarians?

    Yes, //Online cooking class//Shojin ryori for vegans and vegetarians with Tempura has a vegetarian option.

  • What is the maximum capacity of Yoko's cooking class?

    Up to 2 people can join Yoko's cooking class.

  • How much does it cost to join //Online cooking class//Shojin ryori for vegans and vegetarians with Tempura?

    It costs 8000 per person.

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