Yoshie | Cooking Class Host in Saitama

"I have been making bento boxes for my family for over 10 years. Since 2017, I have been a cooking class instructor for foreigners, and have taught more than 300 foreigners how to make character bento. I have taught my skills to friends who want to master making character lunch box, and I have also had the experience of being interviewed by several media outlets about my bento making. On weekends and long vacations, my husband and teenage daughter are there, so they greet everyone. Please come in contact with a Japanese family. On days other than cooking class, I work as an English teacher at a kindergarten in the city. I can treat even small children politely, so family members are welcome to participate! In August 2017, I participated in the International Character Lunch box Contest and won the prize. I've helped Make a Wish, the volunteer organization that makes the world's largest dreams come true, by carrying out character lunch box lessons for a Make a Wish child. "

Yoshie's cooking classes