Keiko | Cooking Class Host in Saitama

"Hello I’m keiko,I live in Saitama City, I love a travel,I like to touch different cultures, so I'd like to talk with people from various countries. I love cook,,,and I like to have a home-party with guists, Ex, family,friends and co-workers,,,,, How about are your Japanese travel? Have you had many Japanese cuisines? Travel and cuisine have inportant relationships. Becouse, there are menories of your travel. Let’s cook Japanese popular cuisines with me, I want you to cook Japanese cuisines at your home. ● Free pick up nearest Station. ● Morning Class(without wedwedayand mrket closed day)…you can go to fish market around my house. +30min,+¥500 ● Optional….you want to buy Japanese seasoning, you can to go shopping with me, +30min,+¥500 "

Keiko's cooking classes