Mika | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, where l raised two children. I hold a chef's license, am qualified food education instructor, dashi/Japanese broth specialist and Japanese tea advisor. After culinary school, I worked as an instructor at a cooking school. I learned a lot during this time and cooking at home for my family further improved my cooking skills. Occasionally, I hold cooking classes at my house for residents in the Tokyo area both Japanese and people from other countries. I’m friendly and talkative. I enjoy eating, cooking, and I’m also very interested in the food culture of the world. When I visited foreign countries, I always found that visiting food markets was more interesting than visiting tourist attractions. I want to know what normal people normally eat at home and I wonder if someone has the same idea as me. That’s why I decided to start hosting cooking classes for international tourists. I love seeing people smiling while eating. I would be extremely happy if I could make you smile with my food! I look forward to cooking with you at my house."

Mika's cooking classes