Izumi | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"Hello! My name is Izumi. I live in western in Tokyo, called "Musashino" area, which is full of nature. It is said to be a place where Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese animated film director, got inspire for famous films, "My Neighbor Totoro". I teach Japanese dishes in my house near the forest. I lived in Virginia, the USA for two years when my kids were small. The elementary school where my son went had so many international students from over 70 countries, and I cooked Japanese food at the school festival. The memories I had there through exchanging cultures and cooking were amazing! Now I have a qualification for the Japan association of cooking for foreigners, and teach them Japanese cuisine, such as sushi. There are sushi classes as well as Plant-Based cooking classes. In Japan, there are so many ingredients ideal for Plant-Based dishes. You will be surprised how delicious Plant-Based dishes could be. I also teach how to make Musashino Udon noodles. It is a famous dish around my area. The Udon is interestingly foot- neaded. I’m a member of Musashino Handmade Udon Preserve & Popularize Association. I would like to spread Musashino Udon around the world, hoping that more and more people enjoy foot-kneading the noodles and savor the taste of them. My Instagram (@izushas_washoku) "

Izumi's cooking classes