Izumi | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"Hello! My name is Izumi. Now I live in suburban Tokyo, where the Ghibli movie "My Neighbour Totoro" was set.We’ll cook Japanese dishes in my house in suburban Tokyo, which is full of nature.( in Totoro forest area). On the way to my home, you will see the hospital where Satsuki & Mei's Mom is said to have been hospitalised. (The movie "My Neighbor Totoro") Once I lived in Virginia State, USA for two years when my kids were small. The elementary school where my son went had so many international students from over 70 countries, and I cooked Japanese food at the school festival. The memories I had there through exchanging cultures and cooking were amazing! Now I have a qualification for the Japan association of cooking for foreigners, and teach them Japanese cuisine, such as sushi. There are sushi classes as well as vegan and vegetarian classes. In Japan, there are so many ingredients ideal for vegan and vegetarian dishes. You will be surprised how delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes could be. "

Izumi's cooking classes