NORIKO | Cooking Class Host in Fukuoka

"Hello, I’m Noriko. I live in Fukuoka in the southern area of Japan. Fukuoka is famous for its fresh local foods, old culture, and beautiful nature. In particular, you can enjoy both urban and county atmosphere in Fukuoka. You can enjoy shopping, eating at a fancy restaurant, visiting old temples and shrines, and walking around the countryside. As my house is in a commuter town, it is quiet and you can take a look at our ordinary life. I love cooking. I’m not a professional cook but I have been passionate about cooking for over 30years. So I will be able to show you Japanese home-cooking. I think everyday food is very important for your health and life, as the saying “You are what you eat”. I would be happy if you get more interested in “FOOD” in my cooking class. I’ll prepare 3 kinds of menus and you can choose one from them. I’ll also introduce simple-style traditional Tea Ceremony after lunch to have a nice tea time together. I do hope you will bring back “WASHOKU” to your family and friends as a souvenir. Please make it and let them taste and feel Japan. This is my concept to have cooking class for foreign visitors. I am looking forward to seeing you! "

NORIKO's cooking classes