SEN | Cooking Class Host in Osaka

"Hi, very nice to meet you!! my name is SEN, everybody call me SEN chyan! I’m form Taiwan , my husband is Japanese and I’ve lived in Osaka for 5 years! My husband loves Japanese food very well so I almost cook everyday for him! Although I’m a Taiwanese , but I learn Japanese food form my husband’s mom and my Japanese friends for 4 years, if you interested in Japanese taste, I’m so honer to teach you! I have confidence to cook transitional Japanese taste , and in the class , I’m gonna invited my Japanese friend assistant with us, she will show you more and more experiences! We r looking forward to have fun with you! Then I have a two year old daughter, I can speak English, Japanese and Chinese ! my family live in the country side in Osaka, if you want to have different experiences in JP, please context me , my place near Japanese famous mountain called Koyasan , if your gonna come to Osaka and visit Koyasan , let’s have fun together! I’m looking forward to meet you soon! "

SEN's cooking classes