Tomomi | Cooking Class Host in Hyogo

"Hi, my name is Tomomi. I work as a English teacher for children in Hyogo. I had worked in the Narita International airport before, because I like to communicate with other country,s pepole. I have a daughter, a son and a husband. So I cook everyday and I like to cook so much. When I had been to a foregin countriy , I had stayed at host family. There I could eat the traditional foods and so impressed! And I thought that I also would like to entertain travelers by cooking Japanese traditional food with me. As part of my cooking class, I can also guide you about Osaka hideout restaurants and the cool sightseeing spots. And my hometown, Kawanishi-city, is quiet and livable so much. We sometimes can hear the twitter of a Japanese nightingale. I am looking forward to seeing you. "

Tomomi's cooking classes