Quanto Basta | Cooking Class Host in Naples

cooking-class-host-Quanto Basta
"When I’d sit in my grandma's kitchen, she’d make pasta while sharing memories of her mom and grandma. It was then I realized my generation was missing something important: the handmade food techniques and traditions passed down through the ages. It was from this love for food that I became the executive chef and founder of Quanto Basta, the first street front cooking school in my town. It is a faithful copy of my grandmother's kitchen, where she preserved meat and cheese for winter by hanging them from the roof's chestnut support beams, and put fresh vegetables and fruit in glass jars filled with oil, vinegar, salt or sugar. Our conversations would go like this: Me: "How much salt are you putting in there, grandma?" She: "Quanto basta", that means…the quantity that's enough… Me: "And how much is q.b. (quanto basta)?” She: "You know" ..."

Quanto Basta's cooking classes