Micaela | Cooking Class Host in Amsterdam

"Ciao! I am Micaela, Italian living abroad for the past 10 years (mainly London, now in Amsterdam), with a burning passion for cooking and eating healthy and delicious food. Living abroad, I always struggle to find the right ingredients to make traditional Italian meals, so it has been my mission to find local alternatives to replicate the beautiful dishes I grew up with (and miss a lot). I have two goals: to boost food lovers’ confidence and passion in the kitchen, and to improve their quality of life by teaching simple, healthier versions with a vegetarian/vegan twist alongside the traditional recipe. I offer Italian cooking workshops in Amsterdam at the lovely Olivity: like I did for myself, I want you to upgrade your skills in the kitchen so that you can fill your life with flavorful and healthier dishes to nurture your body in the best way, without using fixed diets and calorie counting. I want my workshop customers to feel inspired, happy, understood, and able to impress themselves and their loved ones with outstanding culinary creations. Buon appetito!"

Micaela's cooking classes