Famous Tokyo Sushi Neta

Famous Tokyo Sushi Neta

Sushi is likely to be the first thing that comes to everyone mind when talking about Japanese food. Sushi is the most significant dish that represents Japan anywhere in the world today.  Many foreign tourists visiting the country look forward to trying out this Japanese menu.

This delicious dish is prepared using unique and amazing ingredients known as Sushi Neta. Some are placed on top of the vinegar rice while others are placed inside the Sushi roll.

Sushi chef in Tokyo is very fortunate to have the world greatest seafood market that make the ancient Japanese dish preparation very easy for them.

Sushi neta is the life of the dish itself. Without these ingredients, the Japanese meal is nothing to write home about.Sushi is available in various style and varieties depending on the kind of neta used. Hence in Tokyo, you would easily get and enjoy the savors of various Sushi neta as you so desire.

Sushi neta are usually raw seafood but they are other options for those who prefer not to eat raw fish. The seafood can be boiled or roasted and another ingredient like vegetables, Japanese omelet, wagyu beef, and tofu can be used in place of the raw neta. There is quite a lot of Tokyo Sushi neta but we would take a look at a few of them. The famous Tokyo Sushi neta includes the Ikura, the Tuna, the Salmon, the Uni, the Ika, and the Amaebi. You have an option of the boiled shrimp, the Kanpyo Roll etc. if you do not want to eat raw fish.  However, let take a look at a few of the famous Tokyo Sushi neta.


The Tuna


The Tuna sushi neta is apparently a cheap variety of this menu but it is very delicious and refreshing. Most people love it because it looks more classical. The lean cuts of tuna in Sushi can be consumed by most people without any worry. Although the Tuna neta comes in different varieties as well. The Albacore tuna, fatty tuna, and Zuke tuna are all choices of the Tuna Sushi neta.

The Ikura


The Ikura Sushi neta has a great texture and a salty taste which most people really love. Some lover of Ikura Sushi neta seems to love the way the Ikura pop in their mouth.

The Uni


The way this Sushi neta capture the sea taste make it very impossible to resist it even when it is placed on a high price. The color and strong viscosity are the true marks of a top-grade which should be ordered when in season from spring to summer.

The Salmon

It is almost impossible to mess up the Sushiwhentopping it with a Salmon. With a very fresh Salmon, your Sushi is good to go.

It also goes well with sliced onion and mayonnaise although, it is also very delicious on it on. The Salmon flavor can go very well with many varieties of topping. The combination of reasonable rice and a great taste have made Salmon very popular.