5 things to do in Ikebuku

5 things to do in Ikebuku

If you ever travel to Tokyo, you need to visit Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro is one of the most significant metropolitan areas in Tokyo. It is one of the biggest stations connecting Fukutoshin, Seibu, Tobu-Tojo, and JR lines. The city is full of surprises and excitements which brings you the best travel memories.

Here’s the list of top 5 things to do in Ikebukuro.

Visit Sunshine City

If you decide to visit the eastern part of the city, one of the must-do things is visiting the Sunshine City.

This place has an aquarium, a Pokemon center, and an observation deck. It also has free music performance sometimes and other entertainment activities.

If you are seeking a spot to do some shopping, Sunshine City is the place to do. There’s a shopping center inside of the Sunshine City Complex. It is called Alta. Alta is one of the biggest attractions in Sunshine city. There’s an indoor food theme park called Namja town in the city. 

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Take Cooking Classes

If you want to know about the true essence of a place, you have to know their food. Communities are known for the cuisines they have. Japan has a wide range of cuisines to offer.

If you want to enjoy the authentic flavors of Japan, you need to learn how to cook these plates. These consist of the traditional Japanese Maccha tea, Onigiri, which is a blend of soymeal and potatoes and shojin rice. So, taking cooking classes is one of the most fun activities. 

Take a stroll around the Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo

Ever thought of getting welcomed by Pikachu and Charizard when you anter a building? That’s exactly what happens when you step inside the Pokemon Mega Center in Ikebukuro.

Located on the second floor of Sunshine City, Pokemon Mega center is one of the most prominent Pokemon Centers in Japan. The center fulfills all your needs from the cutest stationary to delicious Japanese treats.

It is a delightful place for people of all ages. The place sells three kinds of goods. One which can be found everywhere in the world, one which can be found only in the Japanese Pokemon Centers and the one which you can find only in the Pokemon Mega Centers.

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Konica Minolta Planetarium “Manten”

Konica Minolta Planetarium, located in the Sunshine city, is one of the biggest planetaria in Tokyo City. It offers a variety of shows which are available daily.

The shows can be watched indoors and outdoors. If you like being outdoors, you can sit on the grass and enjoy the starry night sky. You can feel like you are transported to the space as your surroundings get covered with the night sky along with a high-end sound system, aromatic smells, sound dome, and many other facilities.

It is one of the most amazing things to do in Ikebukuro.

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Ikebukuro Reading Glasses Museum

If you are looking for reading glasses, you are in the right place. This particular shop in the Minami-Ikebukuro neighborhood has every kind of reading glasses from all over the world.

More than 13,000 reading glasses are arranged without any gaps in between them. The owner has done this to get customers’ attention. The site has quite a lot of popularity among travel bloggers as well. 

It has become one of the city’s attractions in Ikebukuro. You should consider visiting the place if you are looking for things to do in Ikebukuro.

While you are roaming around the city, don’t forget to admire the architectural advancements around the city. There are several buildings around the town which catch your attention because of the uniqueness of the architecture. 

So, if you are in Tokyo and are looking for things to do, you should most certainly visit Ikebukuro city. There are many different things that you can do to enjoy and experience the compassion that the city holds.