Top 5 Best Vegetarian Ramen Restaurants You Can’t Miss in Tokyo

Top 5 Best Vegetarian Ramen Restaurants You Can’t Miss in Tokyo

On your trip to Tokyo, you might come across an abundance of Sushi restaurants, noodle eateries, and Udon restaurants too. What is striking about Tokyo is the presence of many vegetarian and vegan ramen restaurants mushrooming in the city. Let us check the top 5 vegetarian ramen restaurants in Tokyo for you to try as you travel. 


Famous for the Halal ramen style of cooking, the restaurant also offers vegetarian bowls and vegan specials. The ramen here is usually quite spicy and comes with soupy noodles topped with fresh vegetables. The restaurant focuses on excellent dining experience. Thus, the counter is of the lower height and accessible by wheelchairs too. 




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Open Hours: 15:00-22:00(Tuesday-Thursday), 18:00-22:00(Friday) and 13:00-22:00(weekend)

Access:  3mins from Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Close: Morning hours


Price: Between ¥1696 and ¥8694


One of the most popular ramen restaurants in Tokyo has to be Afuri. Their chicken-based broth is definitely worth their fame. However, other specialties are their vegetarian and vegan recipes too. Do not miss on the signature ramen dishes of seasonal vegan ramen. Afuri has three branches in Tokyo, with Ebisu being the oldest. 




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Open Hours: Open between 11.00 AM and 10.00 PM

Close: B2 floor of the Lumine 1 in Shinjyuku


Price: Between ¥565 and ¥636

Soranoiro Nippon 

The casual vegan ramen is famous for its gluten-free vegan ramen. The vast assortment of noodles, rice, and soup dishes are the best things for every foodie. 







Access: 0.3 km from Tokyo Central Railway Station

Open Hours: 8.30 AM – 10.30 PM

Closes: NA


Price: Under ¥2,000

T’s Tantan 

The luxurious interiors make this a perfect restaurant for families to dine their favorite vegan ramen noodles and more. The restaurant specially offers rich variety of noodles without seafood, dairy, or eggs. There are lunch and dinner courses available with affordable prices. It is quite accessible and it is one of the best choices at Tokyo station. 






Open Hours: 7:00am and 22:30

Access: Located at Keiyo Street, Marunouchi, Tokyo station

Close: NA


Price: Between ¥300 and 1980 approximately 

Yakuzenshokudo Chabuzen 

The vegan restaurant is famous for its variety of Ramen dishes and more. The gluten-free dishes have a huge fan following too. Halal food is available here and their ramen is pretty healthy. It is famous for its Food therapy.




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Open Hours: 12:00-15:00 and 17:00-23:00

Access: 10 minutes walk from Shimokitazawa station

Close: Tuesday


Price: ¥565 to 999 


The presence of top quality vegan and vegetarian ramen restaurants in Tokyo has been a blessing. The availability of healthy gluten-free dishes makes the restaurants a top draw. However, if you have time to visit a Japanese family, consider booking one online through Air Kitchen Company. This company also offers cooking classes for foreign tourists where you get to cook and eat with the Japanese in an authentic fashion.