How to Eat Tempura 2019

How to Eat Tempura 2019

When traveling to another country, one of the best experiences you can have apart from exploring the area and meeting new people is trying out the different cuisine. Japan is one of the countries that attract tourists worldwide and has one the most delicious food in the world.

Tempura is a delicious Japanese meal and one of the best meals Japan has gifted the whole wide world. Traditional, yet crispy and tasty. Simple, yet exquisite and delicious. Tempura has moved from being a side dish to being a main event and a world-class delicacy.

It is a myth that the only food to eat and enjoy in Japan is Sushi and ramen. You will find quite a number of other foods that include all the major food groups. One of these popular food is called tempura. What is tempura and how should it be eaten?

What is Tempura?



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Tempura is a Japanese dish that is made from batter; a mixture of water, flour, and egg then dipped into hot oil and fried. Edible plants, seafood, shrimp, vegetables, squid and Japanese whiting are the various ingredients used to spice up tempura. Although, it varies from one area to another or season to another.

How to eat Tempura



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Just like every other Japanese meal needs basic Japanese table manners to sail through, tempura is also required to be eaten the “Japanese” way. Unlike every other meal you have been familiar with before now, tempura is served in the order in which it should be eaten in the plate. You can’t just dig in and start munching, the order in which you eat tempura is very important. The items closest to the plate should be eaten first, and by that, you will be able to navigate your way through to the back of the plate in order.

Usually, you’d find out that most tempura restaurants in Tokyo serve lighter foods like crisp vegetables and edible plant at the front of the plate, while heavy ingredients like fish based and seafood are served at the back of the plate. Well, you won’t be spanked or rolled eyes at if you don’t eat it scrupulously as described. However, if you want to enjoy the very first bite to the last one, it’s recommended you eat it this way, as it will allow you to enjoy its ingredient at its best.

One thing that is worthy of note when eating tempura is timing; it is very crucial to enjoy the dish. The batter can go soggy if the tempura is not eaten on time and it goes cold. With that in mind, it is advisable you order for your tempura while it’s still steaming and eat in at-a-go. That way you will catch all the fresh, crunchy and delicious taste unaltered.

Tempura eating etiquettes

For starters, chopsticks are the Japanese version of knives and forks. Learn how to use them effectively. And if you don’t know how to, don’t be too shy to ask for an equivalent. Take time to enjoy each piece of your tempura. You don’t have to finish each piece at a go. However, try not to place back a half bite in your plate. Hold with your chopsticks and continue eating. Take your time to appreciate and savor each ingredient.