Guide To OK Yokocho

Guide To OK Yokocho

Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world. A large number of tourists visit the city every year to view the multiple attractions that the city has to offer. However; there a few places in the city which don’t get the recognition from visitors that they deserve. If you are planning to visit Tokyo,  there is a street unheard of by many foreigners. 

OK Yokocho

If you visit the northern border of the Tokyo city, you will find a fun neighborhood Akabane. Akabane is the most wonderful, cheerful and loving places you can find near Tokyo. The place is very popular among Tokyo workers. 

The workers come here, to Akabane, during the nights to enjoy entertaining life. Akabane OK Yokocho is the most famous place in the area. OK Yokocho is a street in Akabane having multiple bar restaurants. 

Nomikai Parties

Akabane OK Yokocho is famous for the workers due to a specific reason. After working very hard for most of the day, these workers find a place to relax. The best way for relaxing for these workers is by arranging Nomikai parties. 

Nomikai is a small drinking party in which the workers gather around with their colleagues. These workers drink at Izakaya. Izakaya is a Japanese bar-restaurant. During Izakaya, the workers drink to relieve their stress. They complain about their workplace, their bosses and other tensions of the day during the Nomikai and when they feel calm, they get back to their houses for a nice sleep. 

There is a saying in Akabane ‘everything that’s OK to drink and eat’. OK Yokocho is like a heaven to the Tokyo workers. It has more than 20 Izakaya where the workers hold Nomikai regularly. If you can’t afford to visit luxurious restaurants and cafés, you should visit Akabane OK Yokocho for enjoying with your friends. 






Access: 5 minutes of walking distance from Akabane Station

Hours: N/A

Close: N/A 

Website: N/A

Price: Variable