Top Attraction In Shibuya

Top Attraction In Shibuya

Shibuya is a ward in Tokyo which is a business and commercial centre of the city. There are multiple modern buildings in the area, which makes it attractive to tourists. There are quite a few attractions in Shibuya which get the visitors attention and Shibuya Bridge is top of those attractions. 

New Vibe For City – Shibuya Bridge

It is a new facility in Shibuya district in Tokyo under the idea of the redevelopment of the city. Unlike the name suggests, it is not a bridge connecting two places. Instead, it is a commercial shopping complex getting the attention of locals and the visitors rapidly. 

The location of the project is critical. The area is a top attraction for the tourists. With the launch of the new complex, the management of the city expects to gather the visitors to a relatively quieter place in the city. 

The shopping complex is 180 meters high. It has multiple offices, a hotel, commercial areas and entertainment centres. The Shibuya bridge is attracting a lot of tourists to the southern end of the city. 




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Multi-Cultural Touch

The shopping complex recreates the location of Toyoko line. The complex can connect different generations with each other. If you want to visit a place in Tokyo city, where you can observe multiple cultures at the same time, Shibuya Bridge should be your selection. 

You find the shopping complex near the Shibuya River. If you want to relax from the hassle of the city and need some entertainment you should visit the complex. The management of the complex is always looking to bring creativity to their complex. For the purpose, they keep the location busy with multiple cultural events. 


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Access: 10 minutes of walking distance from Shibuya Station

Hours: 24 Hours

Closed: N/A


Price: Check Website