Festivals and events for March in Japan

Festivals and events for March in Japan

The winter ends late February and March is the month that usher in the spring season in Japan. The weather starts to warm up a bit and it is a month where you can experience both cherry blossoms and plum blossoms. The nights are shorter and the days are longer. There are also plenty of festivals that happen during the month of March and we intend to discuss some of these inviting festivals and events. Check out some of these events and festivals that might make you want to visit Japan even more. 


Omizutori is an event that is held in Nara in the month of March, in 2019 it was held between first March and 14th March. The admission is free so you have nothing to worry about that. The festival is sacred and it involves water drawing. It is usually the final rite to the two week shuni-e ceremony that is held to cleanse the people of their sins as they usher in the spring season. 

The main night of the festival is on 12th March where the priest’s parade big flaming torches and the torches rain down embers on the spectators. The embers signifies that the spectators have been cleansed of their sins and they can usher in spring. The festival has been held in the country for more than 1200 years and it is the oldest Buddhist event in the country.




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Hina matsuri (girls day)

The event is held on 3rd March all over Japan and it is one of the most important festivals in the country. The families that have girls display a set of hina ningyo (set of dolls) that represent the emperor, empress, musicians and attendants in traditional dress that were wore in the Heian period. The reason behind displaying the dolls is that they believe it will bring the girls to a happy and successful life.






The Hanotoro festival is held in Kyoto and the illumination hours are between 9 in the morning and 9 at night. The admission is free so you don’t need to worry about that. The event takes place between 8th and 17th March and it involves illumination on the streets with thousands of lanterns. The temples around Higashiyama district in Kyoto also illuminate and they have longer opening hours. 




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White day

White day is celebrated on 14th March and it is an event that is held all over the country. The day is celebrated a month after the Valentine’s day and it is normally a day for the Japanese Young men to return the favor of the gifts they received on valentine’s day and from the girls. It is called the white day because white is the color of sugar and sugar is the main ingredient of candy which is a traditional gift given on the white day.

As you can see, Japan is no short of events during the month of March. Visiting the country during this time will provide you with an opportunity to experience some of the Japanese festivals that happen only in March and you get to enjoy the amazing Japanese culture.




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