This is why you should visit Japan this July

This is why you should visit Japan this July

If you have been looking for the best time to visit Japan then search no more because July is by far the best time to visit the country. It is when the summer season is at its best and there are plenty of events and things to do during this time. Here are the top things to do and see in July. 

The summer festivals

There are plenty of summer festivals in July and Kyoto Gion festival is considered one the greatest festival in the country. The festival have been held for over a thousand years in Yasaka Shrine. This shrine is located in Gion an area that is located in Kyoto. The events are held throughout the month but the main events are held between 17th July and 24th July. Be sure to book for the event early enough so as not to be locked out. You can also be sure to enjoy the Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata festival that happen between 5th July and 7th July.




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Have a good time at Kawadoko

Kawadoko or sometimes referred to as kawayuka is a traditional kind of restaurants in Kyoto that is perfectly designed for summer. The iconic river of Kyoto, makes the cafes and restaurants lined up along it perfect for eating and relaxing. Enjoy some of the sweetest foods in the country by eating from one of the cafes or restaurant and enjoy the sound of nature that is going to blow away your stress.





Sumida River fireworks festival

The Sumida River fireworks festival is the biggest fireworks festival in Japan and it is something you don’t want to miss when you are in Japan. The festival features over twenty two thousand fireworks and it attracts over a million viewers. Some from the country while others travel from other places in the world just for this. If you are planning to visit Japan in July, then Sumida River fireworks festival is something that must be on your itinerary. The event is normally held on the last Saturday of July so you might want to keep that in mind so that you don’t miss it.




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Visit the magnificent beaches of Japan

The Japanese beach season starts mid-July and if you are the type of person who enjoys the outdoor activities then you are going to love your time in Japan in July. The beaches in Japan offers food, drinks, rental facilities and resting places among other amenities. Tokyo might not be the best beach destination in the country but there are a couple of beaches near the capital city. 






Fuji rock festival

Fuji rock festival is literally the biggest outdoor music festival in Japan. The festival is held during the last weekend of the month of July for 3 good days. Be sure to enjoy this festival the next time you visit Japan in July.




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From the weather to the many events that July has to offer, it makes July the best time to visit Japan. Start planning for your next trip as early as now and be prepared to have ultimate fun.