5 Things to Do In Tokyo for Anime Lovers

5 Things to Do In Tokyo for Anime Lovers

If there is one cultural export in Japan that people are familiar with, it would be that of Anime.
Anime, or Japanese animation, is something that has become popular all across the world, especially in the United States.

For fans of anime, it would be especially interesting to know that Tokyo is ground zero for the anime world, with elements of this subculture present in just about every single corner of the city.
So if you happen to be a fan of anime, here are five things you can look forward to engaging in, as you check out the stunning city of Tokyo.

1. Character Bento Making Experience

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For those who are new to this and can’t make sense of the title, it is understandable.
There is nothing like this in other parts of the world. This is however, a very popular activity in Japan.
Commonly known as ‘Kyarben Bento’, it is essentially the making of anime characters, in a ‘Bento’ or a Japanese Lunchbox, using ingredients or actual dishes.
Also to add is that you are limited only by your imagination, given that you can make just about anything, ranging from a ‘Hello Kitty’ to a ‘Pikachu’ and perhaps something from your own imagination.

Check Out  ‘Kyarben Bento’ Making Experience in Tokyo

2. Explore Akihabara

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If there is one amazing shopping destination to check out in Japan, it would be Akihabara.
In general, the term is a reference to the region around Akihabara railway station in Japan, and is well known as a shopping destination.
While the place does cater to a host of different goods, it is popular as a center for anime culture in the country, selling goods related to anime, video games, anime merchandise, manga, computer hardware, etc.
In addition to this, one can also find numerous ‘maid café’s or cosplay cafes as well.


3. Try Cosplay



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For those who are not familiar with cosplay, it is the shortened version of ‘costume play’, where people dress up as their favorite characters from anime, video games or even superhero movies.
It has become an interesting trend across the world, including Japan.
So if you happen to be interested in the cosplay subculture, there is plenty of it in Japan, which range from cafes to regular conventions.


4. Visit Anime Spots



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This is by far one of the most interesting and unique of all anime experiences in Japan.
Visits to anime spots are also known as ‘anime pilgrimage’, because of the important place it has in the lives of anime fans.

There are many places in Japan, where anime spots are an important tourist attraction. They can be just about anything and everything to do with anime, such as restaurants, cafes, museums, exhibitions, events, real locations, etc.

For example, one of the most popular Anime pilgrimage spots is the Ghibli museum. It is a museum belonging to the Ghibli Studio, one of the premier anime studios in Japan. Located in the city of Mitaki, it is subdivided into a technology museum, children’s museum and a fine arts museum, and is emphasized on the art and technique of the animation process. In addition to this, the museum also has a bookstore, cafe, rooftop garden and a theater for films by the studio.


5. Nakano Broadway



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If there is one ‘anime spot’ worth checking out, it would be the Nakano Broadway.
Situated in a major urban location in Japan, this is one place where you can find an abundance of stores selling video games, anime merchandise, toys and what not.
In addition to this, the place is also well known for its host of eateries and spas.


In all, it can be said that those who are fans of anime, will have a field day in Japan, whether it be Tokyo or elsewhere.
With a stunning array of attractions, get ready to see your childhood memories come to life in this stunning Japanese city.