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Japanese home made cooking

Japanese home made cooking

Cooking Class in Kumamoto by Sachiko

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・Bento   ・Sushi ・Ramen ・Japanese style Curry ・Takoyaki
We had a fantastic afternoon and evening with Sachiko! She picked us up and had already prepared beforehand. We went through the different styles or ramen on our request. We also went over Gyoza and curry as and added bonus. The food was incredible and Sachiko is a really good teacher and cook. S...
Jesper | Denmark

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FAQ about cooking classes in Kumamoto

  • Which cooking classes are offered in English in Kumamoto?

    All cooking classes in Kumamoto on airKitchen are offered in English.

  • How much does it cost to join a cooking class in Kumamoto?

    On average cooking classes in Kumamoto cost ¥3625 per person (based on airKitchen prices).

  • Which cooking class is popular in Kumamoto?

    Japanese home made cooking is popular with other travelers visiting Kumamoto.

  • What is the best cheap cooking class in Kumamoto?

    Popular cheap cooking classes in Kumamoto include Japanese home made cooking .

Why Taking a Cooking Class in Kumamoto is a Must-Do

Kumamoto is one of the most internationally visited places in Japan. It is because of the alluring beaches, country style mountains, fancy buildings and most importantly, the food. The traditional dishes like Joyu (A sweet sauced dish), Tobiuo, Satusma, kame no to and multiple others are so famous in the areas like Kumamoto that there is always a rush of thousands of foreign citizens.

However, the smart thing isn’t just to enjoy these famous dishes for once or twice in your life but to get a cooking class from master Japanese chefs and learn all of these famous Kumamoto dishes. Getting the cooking class of Kumamoto delicious cuisine will make you creative and will also help you dramatically learn Japanese history.