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FAQ About Cooking Classes in Yamaguchi

  • How much does it cost to join a cooking class in Yamaguchi?

    On average cooking classes in Yamaguchi cost ¥5000 per person (based on airKitchen prices).

  • Which cooking classes are offered in English in Yamaguchi?

    All cooking classes in Yamaguchi on airKitchen are offered in English.

Why Taking a Cooking Class in Yamaguchi is a Must-Do

Yamaguchi Prefecture is the place which has so much in store for you that you would have to increase your stay.

Jyoei-ji Temple and Sesshus Garden is the perfect cultural and historical you can start with. Moreover, the riverfront cherry trees prove to be the ideal place for you to walk through. If you are a fan of architecture then Yamaguchi Xavier Memorial Church should be on your list to.

The delicacy and taste of blowfish here in Yamaguchi is quite famous. You should also try the Kawara soba along with the Sanzoku chicken. You can learn to master all these dishes in the cooking classes of Yamaguchi. The classes will teach you the basics after which you will move on to the more complex restaurant quality dishes.