Tomomi | Cooking Class Host in Gifu

"KONNICHIWA! Hello, My Name is Tomomi. Please call me Tommi. I love cooking and I cook vegan food almost everyday for my family. Ive cooked and served at many festivals and meditation centers before. I also love traveling and found out the best food is not from the expensive restaurant but from the Mom's kitchen. I think I can share the tips of Vegan Japanese food. And after a class, you'll get a paper of the recipe so that you can recreate after getting back home. Here SHIRAKAWAGUCHI is on the way to TAKAYAMA from NAGOYA or GIFU by the express train. Our mountain retreat farm is hidden and quite a sweet place. All you can hear is the birds singing and sound of the flowing river. I have a 2-year-old daughter. I'm looking forward to having a good time. Thank you. ARIGATO. "

Tomomi's cooking classes