Mayumi | Cooking Class Host in Niigata

"I usually do home cooking classes in Niigata Prefecture. Niigata is the most famous place in Japan for rice and sake. There is also a sea so you can eat fresh seafood. I was born and raised in Tokyo, studied nutrition at university, and taught at school. I came to Niigata when I got married. I have a chef's husband and a daughter. My hobbies are skiing, snorkeling and drinking. As I lived in Niigata, I was surprised that Niigata has a lot of seasonal ingredients and local dishes. I'm doing a cooking class because I want to tell many people how wonderful it is. English is reasonable, but I am studying with my daughter so that everyone can be happy and teach cooking in English. When you come to Niigata for skiing and sightseeing, please enjoy your meal together."

Mayumi's cooking classes