Shingo&Miho | Cooking Class Host in Kyoto

"Hello everyone, we are Shingo & Miho! the host of tea ceremony and sake tasting in Kyoto. I (Shingo) am interested in foreign cultures such as British culture and Western music, and has experienced various cultures and arts of various countries until now (Having study in the UK, having done world tour by bicycle, having had a long stay in India, etc.) Through my experience, I realized again the splendor of Japanese culture, and after returning to Japan, I started learning "tea ceremony" immediately. Recently, I got the sake qualification "Sake Diploma". My wife (Miho) has also studied various Japanese cultures such as Japanese dance, kimono dressing and shamisen. Among them, she was most interested in tea ceremony and trained from age of 20 years old for 15 years and got a qualification as a tea master. I would like to convey the wonderfulness and charm of this fun! We, the couple are looking forward to meeting many people from various countries through the experience of Air Kitchen. Let's have a good time together! Shingo & Miho"

Shingo&Miho's cooking classes