Filipa | Cooking Class Host in Lisbon

"I am a co-founder of the Casa dos Ovos Moles, it´s a pastry shop specialized in the century-old Portuguese Pastry popularly known as "Ovos Moles" and famous for its recipes: pastel de nata, ovos moles de aveiro, fios de ovos, pão de ló, travesseiro de sintra, trouxas de ovos, pastel de tentugal, dozens of divine recipes. We launch the Pastry Workshop in 2018, furthering our goal to spread our culture, and now in response to the context we are living we launch the ONLINE Pastry Workshops - If we cannot come to us, we come to you! The Casa dos Ovos Moles em Lisboa materializes the desire to build a project linked to Portugal, we wanted to cultivate Portuguese traditions. We identified the opportunity to develop a regional market (highly regionalized) that is our sweet glory - the Portuguese Conventual Pastry. We came up with the idea to bring the loved centuries-old delights from all over the country to Lisbon, creating a show case of Portuguese Conventual Pastry. We travel all over Portugal looking for the finest recipes and producers with a mission “ to put in the mouth of the world the best of Conventual Pastry”."

Filipa's cooking classes