Hiroko | Cooking Class Host in Fukuoka

"永利裕子(ながとしひろこ) 野菜と料理研究家 / 野菜ソムリエプロ 福岡県出身 福岡県小郡市生まれ 実家は米・麦・大豆・野菜の専業農家。野菜ソムリエプロ・青果業約10年の経験を活かし、野菜の魅力を知り尽くす料理教室主宰、企業向け料理教室も担当中。各種講座講師、雑誌や飲食店向けのレシピ提案も行っている。 Hello! I am Hiroko, a housewife in Fukuoka I hold a home cooking class at home. I myself like traveling. I'm looking forward to being able to interact on the road through sharing local cuisine. By all means, let's cook together and enjoy the home cooking that Japanese people usually eat. If you wish, we can tell you not only about cooking but also about food culture, Japanese tableware, cooking utensils, seasonings, etc. Depending on the schedule, it is also possible to participate in lessons with Japanese students. I am looking forward to seeing you. "

Hiroko's cooking classes