Satoko | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"My name is Satoko, a bilingual Japanese certified instructor of WPA(Wagashi Promotion Association) teaching Japanese sweets "Nerikiri" and "Mochi" making at my home to people from around the world. My Wagashi School name is "ankotopia", where you can learn not only making Japanese sweets, but also learn about Japanese culture and its role in our tradition. Offering a variety of one-day classes from beginners to advanced students. I try to make my recipes simple as possible, so that you can easily recreate it back home. All my classes are private lesson if you book more than 3 people in one group. I had lived overseas over 20 years, and through my career, I notice that many foreigners are interested in Japanese homemade food and love to meet Japanese people. So, I decided to open a cooking school to invite those tourists to experience Japanese culture at home. My cooking class is held in a small local town, where you can enjoy visiting lots of small shops, cafes, supermarkets, shrine, and even a historical public bath! before and after the lesson! (My handmade local map is provided upon your request) You will encounter a more peaceful Japanese neighborhood as opposed to the busy city life! Classes start either 11am or 13:30pm Mon-Sat. upon your request."

Satoko's cooking classes