SENYA | Cooking Class Host in Aichi

"Nice to meet you, I'm Senya, and I run Secret Base Kitchen. Thank you for your interest in my cooking class. First of all, I would like to tell you why I decided to open this cooking class. Since I was young, I have loved traveling abroad and have been to many different places. Each time, I was treated to home-cooked meals from people I met in the area and learned about the culture of the area. In return, we showed them Japanese cuisine, and even though it was the first time for everyone from each country to eat it, they had no hesitation and enjoyed it. When I went abroad, I was able to appreciate once again the beauty of Japan, the place where I was born. I think there are many good things about Japan, and one of them is the food. I love cooking, so I decided to open this restaurant with the hope that I could learn about various cuisines and be a part of some of the happy memories of my trip to Japan. I would be happy if you could come to love Japan. The location is about 10 minutes walk from Sakae Subway Station. You can get there from Nagoya Station without changing trains. It is very convenient as it is located in the center of Nagoya. Cooking classes are held in a small group in a room in an apartment in a homely atmosphere."

SENYA's cooking classes