Luliko | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"自己紹介 Hi my name is Luliko. I made a recipe for seasonal vegetable dishes at a vegetable store in a long-established department store and introduced the dishes. Customers from abroad were very curious about vegetables unique to Japan and were very pleased when they tasted their dishes. After that experience, I would like to introduce how to make Japanese home cooking that I usually eat, and I would like to be pleased by all means, so I decided to start this host. I want to hold up to 15 people at home 10 minutes from Shibuya station. (1 minute walk from Shinsen Station next to Shibuya Station on the Inogashira Line) For larger numbers, use a rental kitchen near Shibuya Station. I love talking with people happily. I also love singing. I always make healthy meals for my family. Trans fatty acid free motto, white rice is the main food, and sugar and salt often uses naturally derived. My family has plenty of vegetables for fish, meat, and eggs. I want to make a dish that is as healthy as I cook for my family for everyone in the world. There are many good luck foods in Japan. Please come to eat Japanese cuisine using vegetables that are said to be auspicious. Let's enjoy Japanese food together! "

Luliko's cooking classes