Top 3 Bento Cooking Class in Kyoto

Top 3 Bento Cooking Class in Kyoto

Are you searching for the best cooking class in Kyoto that you can register with? Do you know that most of the classes will not be able to help you develop your cooking skills as expected? You need a cooking class that has built a reputation for delivering and helping people perfect their skills in cooking Japanese dishes.

There is no need trying to rack your brains about where to find such class as this post will be showing you the top 3 bento cooking class Kyoto.

Onigiri Bento Cooking Class

onigiri cooking class

The closest station for this class is Omiya station. It is always a great experience trying to learn the art of cooking from someone who is passionate about it. Shoko ticks all of such boxes. This is one bento cooking class Kyoto where you will learn everything about rice balls.

She will also be teaching you how rice can be shaped into triangle which is a rare knowledge. Other skills you will acquire are how to make green tea and miso soup.

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character bento cooking

Akiko class is another top bento cooking class Kyoto that you can register with in order to acquire some of the best cooking skills. You will be learning alot about obento, homemade cake, green tea and vegetables.

Also, you will be taught the easiest way to make bento – box. The best part about this class is that it gives you the chance to prepare natural meals that you wouldn’t have been able to make on your own.

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Character Bento Cooking Class

chara ben cooking

You can access this class near Sanjyo Station. There is nothing such as learning how to make Japanese meals from a professional chef who has seen it all. The best part about this class is that there are interpreters who can speak Japanese, Chinese, and English. This means no one will be left behind.

This class ensures that you are able to make kyaraben easily. Some of the ingredients to be used are bacon, egg, sausage, seasonal vegetables, rice and others.

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Based on the above, it is very obvious that are very few cooking classes can actually help you become better at cooking Japanese meals. With the ones mentioned, you shouldn’t have any problem signing up with the best bento cooking class Kyoto.

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