Top 5 Ramen Restaurants in Ikebukuro

Top 5 Ramen Restaurants in Ikebukuro

For a traveler to Japan, Ikebukuro is a spot they cannot afford to miss. The entertainment and shopping district is a place, the young and old hang out. Do not miss the aroma wafering out of the top five Ramen restaurants.





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The bustling restaurant is the first name that comes to the mind of Ramen lovers. There are long queues any time of the day for their thick pork sliced noodles. The best dishes have Tonkotsu or pork bones in them along with the soup for shoppers and employees from companies and stores nearby. The grilled seaweed, pork bones, eggs, chicken, and more ingredients add to the taste further. The soy sauce and light ramen noodles add to the taste further. The restaurant is close to the Seibu Ikebukuro Line exit and hence busy during the rush hours.

Mendooro Hanada

Another popular ramen joint you will not be able to resist is the Mendokor Hanada outlet at Ikebukuro. The creamy soups, with all the garlic seasoning and fried beans, are not to miss items on the menu here. Making fried soft pork noodles is something that kids and adults relish at this ramen restaurant. The thick noodles are a specialty you will find at all times of the day. The restaurant is located in Toshima-Ku part of Ikebukuro. It is busy during the lunch hours, and so you can expect the crowd at noon for a bowl of miso noodles with rice.


The tourist visiting Ikebukuro can get his or her bowl of their favorite Ramen with a touch of authentic Japanese homemade style. The Shoyu Saba draws scores of diners at lunch hours or even after office hours. The restaurant’s specialty lies in being low in oil and more in fragrant herbs. If you love tsukemen style of ramen, drop in on Fridays. The Hulu-Lu is a popular joint, undoubtedly, which is open on all days except Tuesday. The restaurant is located in Toshima-ku area. The chicken noodles and steamed rice balls are the perfect accompaniments to the soupy noodles.\

Keika Ramen Ikebukuro Sunshine 60-dori

The bright restaurant for Ramen-lovers is the Keika. It was established in 1955 and a visible landmark in these parts. The restaurant is famous for its garlic and local spiced noodles. It is open all days a week. If you have some time on your visit to Japan, book an appointment and learn cooking various types of ramen. Some eager hosts will invite you and teach the homemade Japanese styled noodles too. You will be able to know the spices they add, varieties they make for these noodles, and the ingredients they prefer using.


Tonchin Tonkotsu





@dsmi’s ramen at tonchin last night – the much lighter bone broth than mine, with extra wakame. he gave it the double thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼 #talkandspoonhoneymoon

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The famous Tonkotsu ramen made this restaurant a must visit for every ramen-lover. The pork bones in the ramen style add diversity to the noodles overall. The diners enjoy the rice bowls one can have along with the Tonkotsu noodles. These give a wholesome feeling. There are options to go for different soups, and even pick Soy sauce and green onions as and when required. The pocket-friendly option of going for the soups and a large quantity of rice makes it a great dish to have. The homemade style of Tonkotsu makes the main branch the best choice for daily diner.

When you are traveling through Japan’s famous Ikebukuro, you will be spoilt for choices for the ultimate ramen noodle joint. Check out these very reputed restaurants at strategic points in this shopping and entertainment sector of the city. They are guaranteed to shoo away your hunger pangs after hours of shopping.