3 Best Ramen Restaurants in Toyosu Market 2019

3 Best Ramen Restaurants in Toyosu Market 2019

Toyosu Market is one of the most popular commercial hubs of Tokyo.
A major wholesale market for seafood and produce, it is located in a fairly busy corner of Japan’s capital.

In addition to being a market, it also happens to be a popular place for eating out, and is a great place if you want to dig into something delicious.

Given in the list below are some of the most interesting restaurants in Toyosu Market.

1. Fudino Ramen Restaurant in Toyosu


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豊洲市場のらーめん! こーゆーあさっりしたの最近トレンド #東京#豊洲#豊洲市場#らーめん#醤油ラーメン#ふぢの

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Fudino is a restaurant that specializes in the preparation of a variety of ramen, which come in a host of different flavors.
Some of the interesting varieties of ramen currently on the menu include, among others, Guangdong noodles, tan noodles, miso noodles, acid noodles, jarger noodles, etc.
Other items on the menu include beers, fried rice, dumplings, shumamai and egg soup.
Selling over hundreds of cups a day, this is one restaurant that has carved for itself a cool little niche in the Toyosu market.

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2. Yajima Ramen Restaurant in Toyosu


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築地場内「やじ満」カキらーめん+バター(1,300円+50円) ・ 移転のため、もう築地ではいただけないと思っていた冬限定メニューが、本日からフライングスタートという嬉しい知らせを聞き、駆けつけました。 この時期なのにしっかり大きな牡蠣にかぶりつけば「ムッフー」と一瞬で幸せワールドに包まれます。問答無用のストレートな美味しさに、たっぷり元気をいただきました! なお、やじ満さんの築地での営業は、9月いっぱいまでだそうです。 ・ ◎築地周辺まとめ→ #mn築地 #mnやじ満 #mn_2018bestnine ・ #東京 #築地 #築地ランチ #築地ラーメン #築地場内 #築地市場 #東京都中央卸売市場 #やじ満 #カキらーめん #牡蠣ラーメン #牡蠣 #牡蠣大好き #ラーメン #麺スタグラム #麺スタグラム #麺活 #麺類大好き #oyster #ramen #noodles #noodlelover #tsukiji #tsukijifishmarket #tokyo

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Yajima is an interesting ramen restaurant in Toyosu, famous for its Kaki-style of Ramen.
The noodles made here are known for their reduced water content, crispiness and rich aroma. All of this adds up to the taste of the soup.
Another interesting dish to check out at this restaurant would be the oyster soup, which is a curiously delicious and salty specialty.
Located in a place that is a reminiscent of the Edo period, the place takes you back to a bygone time in Japanese history, and may just get you nostalgic.

Site: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1313/A131307/13227694/

3. Tsukementetsu in Toyosu


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. . つけめんTETSU(大阪市北区芝田) つけめん . _____________________ #つけめんtetsu #つけめん #麺 #ラーメン #らーめん #大阪ラーメン #大阪グルメ

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Tetsumentetsu is a restaurant chain of 27 stores, which started off as a small outlet in August of 2005.
The restaurant specializes in a type of ramen called Tsukemen, which is made up of a combo of noodles and soup, served in separate bowls.
In addition to eating the noodles, you can also get a chance to check out how the entire process works from the beginning until the end.
With its amazing tastes as well as unique flavors, it is no wonder that this restaurant has won numerous awards, including those from TripAdvisor.

Site: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1313/A131307/1315151/


To sum it up, if you happen to be checking out this interesting wholesale market in Tokyo, do look into also checking out the many restaurants it offers.
With some amazing things on their menu and at a fairly affordable cost, rest assured that you will not be disappointed.

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