Ultimate Udon guide in Tokyo

Ultimate Udon guide in Tokyo

If you are reading this, you must be interested in enjoying Udon in Tokyo. Go ahead and keep on reading as we will provide you with information about some of the best places to enjoy this unique and delicious dish in the busiest city of Japan. 

What is Udon?

Udon is a unique Japanese cuisine. This is a thick noodle, which is made out of wheat flour. You can often find Udon being served along with soup. It is the simplest method available for you to enjoy Udon as well. In Japanese restaurants, you are provided with the opportunity to order Udon along with a variety of flavors. They include flavors that are made out of mirin, soy sauce and dashi.

5 Best Udon Restaurants in Tokyo 

Enjoying Udon in Tokyo will not be a difficult thing to do. That’s because a large number of Japanese restaurants located in Tokyo serves it. Here is a list of 5 of the best Udon restaurants that you can find in Tokyo. 


If you feel that Udon is a boring dish, you should think about visiting Anpuku. It will change the way you look at Udon. This restaurant offers Udon in a variety of creative methods. They include Carbonara, Black Curry, Beef Tendon and Tomato & Basil as well. In addition to these creative dishes, you can also enjoy original Udon dishes at Anpuku.

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Hanayama Udon

The main branch of Hanayama Udon can be found in Tokyo. It can help you enjoy original Udon with its authentic taste. If you are planning to visit Hanayama Udon, you are encouraged to try Onigama. You can only find this dish in the Hanayama Udon restaurants. It is an award winning dish as well and you will absolutely fall in love with it. 

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カルピス100周年を特集した7/25放送「カンブリア宮殿」にて、花山うどん銀座店の【鬼ボナーラ】が紹介されました。もちもちの鬼ひも川に、トロ~リと濃厚なのにしつこくない絶妙な味わいのソースが絡む逸品!味の秘訣はカルピスバター!ディナータイム限定・平日18~‪22時‬のご提供です。ぜひご賞味ください! ***** カルピス群馬工場さんと、花山うどん足次工場はお隣同士。建設中の「カルピスみらいのミュージアム」が足次工場からよく見えます。10月のオープンが楽しみです(^^)/ ***** 【花山うどん銀座店】歌舞伎座裏、平日‪11:30‬~15:30,18:00~‪22:00‬・土日祝‪11:00~15:30‬ http://www.hanayamaudon.co.jp/ginza/ ***** #カルピス #カルピスバター #カンブリア宮殿 #鬼ボナーラ #花山うどん #花山うどん銀座店 #五代目花山うどん #鬼ひも川 #うどん #udon #烏冬面 #乌冬面 #우동 #ひもかわうどん #麺 #麺活 #麺スタグラム #銀座 #ginza #東銀座 #東銀座グルメ #歌舞伎座裏 #onihimokawa #hanayamaudon #ginza #kabukiza #tokyo #japan #japanesefood

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Daitsune is a vegetable restaurant in Tokyo, which has an old history. People who want to enjoy Udon can think about visiting this restaurant as well. Throughout the past, Daitsune has been able to establish connections with the best vegetable suppliers in region. Therefore, you can enjoy the most delicious Udon dishes at Daitsune.

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Shin Udon

If you are familiar with Udon, you must have heard about Shin Udon. Shin Udon can be found throughout Japan, including Tokyo. You can find passionate chefs working in Shin Udon restaurants, who can help you to enjoy the best Udon dishes. 

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Back at one of our favourite udon restaurants – Shin. #TimeOutTokyo #eattheworld #onthetable

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Shodai is a popular Japanese restaurant, which has earned reputation for offering authentic Japanese cuisine. It is a great place to enjoy both Soba noodles and Udon noodles. Shodai restaurant offers the most social media worthy Udon noodles that you can enjoy. You will love to capture Udon dishes served in here and upload them on social media. 

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Amazing creamy Curry Udon from this Udon and Soba Specialty shop in Tokyo. Definitely worth a try!

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Udon Making Experience in Tokyo

It is also possible for you to learn how to make Udon in Tokyo. For that, you have to visit one of the Udon making classes in Tokyo. You can do a simple research on internet and you will come across a large number of such Udon making classes.