5 best Udon Restaurants in Tokyo

5 best Udon Restaurants in Tokyo

Roaming around in Tokyo looking for some local treats? We are here to help you with that.

There are probably only a few kinds of Ramen that you are familiar with. But Tokyo has an extensive range of Ramen Varieties for you. Udon noodles are one of the most fantastic varieties of Ramen noodles. More on the thicker and chewy side, these noodles are a treat for foodies across the globe.

When you are in Tokyo, you can go for a binge Ramen tour. There are several locations in Tokyo which serve excellent Udon. A good Udon should be chewy, subtle, and packed with a lot of flavor. You can get varieties of Udon in Tokyo. So, let’s take a look at the best Udon servings in Tokyo.

Udon Maruka




神保町の丸香です。 シンプルにぶっかけをいただきます! イリコが利きまくりのウマイ出汁に、絶妙な加減のうどん。至福!

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If you are wandering on the streets of Tokyo and enter an area called Jinbocho, you will see a traditional Japanese food joint. It has curtains over its doorways and a long line of people at all times. That’s the identity of Udon Maruka.

It’s an all-time favorite of the office staff and students. You will get a menu even before entering the doors of this place, and your order will be placed while you are still standing. The traditional style of Udon is the real taste of Japan. The place itself smells like the essence of Japan.

The line here moves real fast. So don’t worry even if it seems long when you reach the place. Your dining experience is a guaranteed delight at Udon Maruka.


The origin of Daitsune is fascinating. Daitsune was initially a vegetable store. The fifth generation owner of this place was a hardcore Udon lover. He turned this love into a business and converted the store into a classic homemade Udon restaurant.

The Avocado Udon and Fresh Tomato Udon are the best dishes on their menu. And guess what? Even after the conversion of the business, they still sell fresh vegetables with the freshly made Udon.





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Taniya is again one of the best Udon places. You can see the chef making Udon in front of your eyes through a glass pane. Watching a chef preparing your  food is a fantastic sight. The Udon here has a depth of flavor. Taniya has given the traditional dish a bit of a modern twist by changing some of the ingredients. They have a pretty exciting menu as well.
They also serve seasonal Udon which consists of the flavors of that particular season. They will ask you about the size of the serving and every serving size cost equally.

Hanayama Udon




2017年2月4日 『五代目 花山うどん』(@東銀座) 「花山御前(大盛り)」(1250円) 内容:小丼(天丼)、汁は醤油ベースとごまだれベースの2種 都内でひもかわうどん食べられるところがなかったので嬉しい。畳んでガッツリかぶりつくとあっという間に完食。美味しい。気づくと満腹。 #五代目花山うどん #うどん #ひもかわうどん

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If you are at, you will come across this beautiful Udon joint during your stroll. The Hanayama Udon is not a very old restaurant, but it grew at an exponential rate in the last three years. It opened in 2017 and won Japan’s biggest Udon competition three years in a row.

Their specialty Onihimokawa Udon, is an award-winning specialty. It has a surprise in every bite. So, if you are in Tokyo and in search of Udon, The Hanayama Udon should be taken into consideration.


Shodai is also a Japanese restaurant. They have been serving Japan’s most authentic cuisines for the past many years. This restaurant came into the spotlight when a picture of a Udon here went viral back in 2017. Since then, the Shodai Udon is called as the “The Most Instagram worthy Udon Noodle.”

The specialty of this special Udon is there is a complete difference between what you see and what you eat. The sauce on the side is potato based and packed with flavor.

So, these are some of our favorites from the many Udon restaurants in Tokyo. The thing with Udon is that it gives you an experience of traditional Japan combined with the modernization of its cuisines. It gives you an essence of the core of Japan. You will experience the warmth of the country in a bowl full of Udon noodles.

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