Japan events and festivals in April

Japan events and festivals in April

If you are planning to visit Japan, April is one of the best months to visit the country. It is during this time the spring so the weather is warmer and you get to participate in many events and festivals that are in plenty. Without wasting much time, let us get into some of the events and festivals in Japan during the month of April.

Miyako odori

This event that happen in Kyoto the whole month of April and it showcase geisha dances and music. April provides you with a rare chance to see very talented Japanese artists perform in public. You will need to pay some amount to get an entrance and we can guarantee you that it will be worth it. You might want to consider buying the tickets in advance as the event is normally highly anticipated and if you delay you might miss the chance.




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Obasama festival

The obasama festival is normally held the very first Sunday of the month of April and the event is intended to pray for good crop. It is a very ancient event and it is normally very colorful and you don’t want to miss the beautiful dances that comes along with it. The event is held hakusan shrine, kannari-obasama in Kurihara city. The highlight of the event is obasama no ennen which is a dance from the Heian period. 





Ose Matsuri

The Ose Matsuri event takes place on 4th April each and every year. It is a very unique festival whereby the Japanese men dress in ladies’ clothes and dance on a boat afloat in the harbor. The boat that they are in is normally bestowed with steamers and flags. The Taiko groups play their drums and you can be sure to buy the local produce from the stalls. 




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Tonbansan Matsuri

The Tonbansan Matsuri festival is celebrated the first weekend of April every year. It is celebrated in different locations including oseto-cho, Nagasaki, Sakai-shi, Kotohira Jinja and Setokashinourago. The participants of the festival normally paint their faces white with some comical expressions and they wear some comical clothing too.

 During the festival, there are is a lion dance, drumming, omikoshi portable shrine and folk dancing. During the event they chant Tonbansan which is a word that originate from the word tohmibansho. Tohmibansho was the lookout near Kotohira shrine overlooking the Sea that had the purpose of spotting ships coming from foreign countries.




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April is fully packed with events and festivals in Japan and the above are just to mention but a few. You can also be sure to enjoy the beppu hot spring festival, nagashi Bina and kanamara festival among others. Visiting Japan on April is the perfect time to learn more about the Japanese culture and get to have ultimate fun