Saeko | Cooking Class Host in Osaka

"Hi, I am Saeko. I've run my own cooking studio and taught over 500 foreign guests in English since 2018, as well as working as a professional food stylist and recipe creator. I was born and raised in Osaka, and live with my husband, a year-old kid, and a small bird java sparrow. I used to work as a Japanese chef in Denmark and traveled to 21 countries. Living abroad, I got to experience cooking and teaching my foreign friends how to cook Japanese foods and we could know each other through the experiences. It was an unforgettable memory. And, I am really passionate about exploring or discovering food and learning the ways of cooking. I would like to share my cooking knowledge and skills and talk with everyone from all over the world! *All cooking classes by me > * For more details > Instagram @jpcooking_wa"

Saeko's cooking classes