yoriko | Cooking Class Host in Kyoto

"Hello My name is Yoriko. please call me Yoriko. I am a cooking teacher.20years ago. Now I introduce Japanese seasonal typical dishes for foreigner and neighbors at traditional house. It takes 3minutes from my house on foot. This house was built 150years ago.It's very cool!! There is useful kitchen and beautiful classical garden. And my house has large farm.My husband and I bring up various vegetables by non-chemical. Of course You can harvest our vegetables for your cooking lesson. Let's go to my farm with me. Shall we cook together and eat our delicious dishes at traditional house? For example Tempura, salad,Ramen nudle and miso soup etc... Sorry I can speak Limited English . Nowadays I start to study English conversation. But I can use body language!! and I can speak Korean language without body language^^ I am waiting your booking at my town where there is a lot of nature. Thank you."

yoriko's cooking classes