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"Xin chao! Are you looking for some fun activities for you and your loved ones in Danang or Hoi An? We are Jolie's family at Jolie Cooking Class, and are more than happy to guide you on this journey. Since we were kids, We have had a passion for cooking. We found that every step of cooking brings us so much joy, creativity, and love – not only for us, but for those who enjoy our food as well. For a long time, we have studied our mother and grandmother in the kitchen, learning their traditional tricks to help elevate Vietnamese food to a new level. As a mother, we're motivated to create new meals for our kids, encourage them to have better eating habits and inspire them through cooking. As a result, cooking is now one of the passions of our 16-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. People have said, “the quickest way to explore a culture is getting to know its cuisine,” so here We are today to proudly be your guides and your friends, who can help you master the basic recipes of Vietnamese dishes. The recipe is inspired by what is growing in the garden and seasonal products we find at the market. Our main goal is to create a new Vietnamese cuisine experience using only fresh and home made ingredients. After years of discovering what We really want to do and challenging ourselves in different fields. We have finally achieved it here with Jolie Cooking class. Let’s discover Vietnam together with Jolie Cooking class!"
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