Andrew | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"Konichiwa! My name is Andrew Baba, but you can call me ramen sensei! I've been a ramen 'Otaku' (having a ramen obsession) since a young child and through years of trials and tribulation, I am now teaching people how to make ramen. I am half Japanese as you might tell from my family name and am fluent in both English and Japanese so be great to have some language exchange and hopefully give you insight into the Japanese ways alongside teaching you about ramen. I am excited to share my knowledge of ramen with you and help you become a ramen master too! Don't worry if you're a beginner - I'll guide you through every step and we'll make sure to have fun along the way. Plus, if you're interested, I can share some interesting facts and stories about Japan and its culture. So, ramen calm and let's make your first bowl of ramen! "

Andrew's cooking classes