Ultimate Guide To Harmonica Yokocho

Ultimate Guide To Harmonica Yokocho

Every person on the face of planet earth having access to the internet has some information about Tokyo city. Over time Tokyo became the favourite of many tourists. The city has multiple attractions. Due to these attractions, a large number of visitors come to the city regularly. However; we should note that Tokyo is a huge city. The city has multiple towns which you may not see during your trip. We need a little information about small towns in Tokyo as they have a lot to offer for visitors. A similar must-see attraction in those small towns is Harmonica Yokocho.

Explore Kichijoji

Like many small towns, kichijoji is a town in Tokyo. The place is building quickly and getting the attention of a lot of visitors. There many amazing restaurants, clothing stores and new malls in Kichijoji. This place has a contrast from the rest of Tokyo city; thus making it very interesting. 

There are many alleys in kichijoji. Each alley has its style and colour that distinguishes it from the neighbourhood. 

Beautiful Harmonica Yokocho

As you walk around and visit Kichijoji, you will find a charming alley, Harmonica Yokocho. It is effortless to find Harmonica for the first time visitor as well. You need to exit the Kichijoji station from its northern exit. As you cross the street,  you will find a bright yellow sign on your left which indicates the visitors about Harmonica’s entrance. 

In the past, these alleys were a small part of a big flea market. However;  like the other parts of Tokyo city, the area went through an evolution process and now has multiple restaurants, bars and stores. The interesting point about all these restaurants and bars is that they have a very reasonable and economical price of the products. 

The atmosphere of Harmonica Yokocho is different in night and day timings. During the day, you will shop like clothing stores and sweet shops operating.  However; during the night, the place is an entertainment centre due to multiple bars, drinks and restaurants. 




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Map: https://goo.gl/maps/daCXqFATfkS1DE6C7 

Access: 5 minutes of walking distance from Spa Kichi restaurant

Hours: 24 Hours

Close: N/A 

Website: http://hamoyoko.jp/

Price: Variable