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Discover the Art of Bento and Sake Tasting at Ikebukuro: A Hands-On Cooking and Sake Experience"

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4.5 hours

Max 2 guests

Market Visiting

Cooking Class Menu

You have the option to choose either the Special Bento or the Vegetarian Bento. However, please ensure that all participants in your group choose the same type of bento.

1️⃣【Special Bento】
■Teriyaki Chicken:
Chicken glazed in a sweet and savory sauce. The teriyaki sauce is made with soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, giving the chicken a deep flavor.

■Shrimp and Seasonal Vegetable Tempura:
Shrimp and seasonal vegetables lightly battered and fried. This traditional Japanese fried dish offers a crispy texture and highlights the natural flavors of the ingredients.

■Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelette):
Sweetly seasoned egg rolled and cooked to a fluffy texture. Known for its gentle sweetness and soft, layered texture.
Edamame Onigiri (Rice Ball):

■Onigiri mixed with boiled edamame beans, shaped into a triangular form. The flavor of edamame and the saltiness of the rice combine delightfully.

■Nori Onigiri (Seaweed Rice Ball):
Simple rice ball wrapped in seaweed. The salty rice and the savory taste of seaweed create a perfect match.

■Tako-san Wiener (Octopus-shaped Sausage):
Sausages cut to resemble octopuses and fried. A cute and popular dish, especially with children.

2️⃣【Vegetarian Bento】
■Seasonal Vegetable Tempura:
Seasonal vegetables lightly battered and fried. It's a dish that lets you enjoy the true flavors of the vegetables.

■Temari Sushi:
Small, ball-shaped sushi rice topped with vegetables or fruits, suitable for vegetarians. It's visually appealing with its variety of colors.

■Sweet Potato in Sweet Soy Glaze (Candied Sweet Potato):
Sweet potatoes cooked in a sweet soy-based sauce. Known for their natural sweetness and soft, comforting texture.
Spinach with Nuts:

■Boiled spinach mixed with nuts, creating a healthy and flavorful salad. The nuttiness complements the texture of the spinach.

  • Tempura


    Tempura (天ぷら) is a classical Portuguese dish brought to and popularized by Japan, consisting of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried. Tempura is a typical home-style cooking in Japan. It is often referred to as a representative dish to Japan. Although there are various theories, it is said that Tokugawa Ieyasu, the general of the Edo period, liked tempura so much that he allegedly died from eating too much.

  • Onigiri


    Onigiri is a Japanese comfort food made from steamed rice formed into the typical triangular, ball, or cylinder shapes and usually wrapped with nori(dried seaweed). Stuffed with a a variety of fillings and flavors, these rice balls make an ideal quick snack and are a fun alternative to sandwitches for lunch.

  • Rice


    Rice is a staple food in Japan. In all most every family, there is a rice cooker. There is variety of Japanese rice brands such as Koshihikari and Hitomebore.

Cooking Class Information

!!!!Enjoy a unique culinary journey with our bento and sake pairing experience! As you savor the flavors of your own beautifully crafted bento, immerse yourself in an exclusive sake tasting session. Compare and contrast a variety of sakes, each with its own unique brewing method and regional characteristics. Don't miss this rare opportunity to indulge in the art of Japanese cuisine and sake – a must-attend experience for all enthusiasts!!!

■Rent a stylish and clean large wooden kitchen exclusively for two people

■Includes shuttle service to and from the major terminal, Ikebukuro Station

■Guided 5-minute walk to famous Japanese garden

■Receive a Magewappa, the classic wooden bento box, as a souvenir – a beautiful symbol of Japanese tradition

What you will do

Meet at the JR Ikebukuro Station.

1. Meet at the JR Ikebukuro Station.

「South Exit Ticket Gate」 at 9:30

We will take you to the venue  GARAKUTAKOUBOU by car.

2. We will take you to the venue  GARAKUTAKOUBOU by car.

about 10 minutes!

Self-introduction and lecture time.

3. Self-introduction and lecture time.

We will teach you unique Japanese dining manners, such as how to hold chopsticks, appropriate greetings, and more.

Let's start cooking!

4. Let's start cooking!

We will provide clear and easy-to-understand instructions for beginners.

Let's pack some dishes in the bento box .

5. Let's pack some dishes in the bento box .

Use your imagination to create a beautiful masterpiece filled with thought and care.

Let's eat your art!

6. Let's eat your art!

After you have finished eating, the wooden bento box is a gift. Please use it even when you return to your country."

After seeing off...

7. After seeing off...

We recommend taking a stroll in a near by Japanese garden. Just a short walk away, there are beautiful Japanese gardens that are among Tokyo's finest.

About Host



Welcome to the treasure trove of delicious food, Japan!
My name is Oran Miho. I live in Ikebukuro, a major urban area in Tokyo, with my husband and our two daughters, making us a family of four. For many years, I have been hosting bread-making and cooking classes at a shared kitchen near my home.

For 16 years, I have been preparing daily bento boxes for my two daughters. This experience was not only an expression of love but also an opportunity to explore Japan's rich culinary culture. Now, I want to leverage this experience to share with visitors from abroad through my bento cooking classes.

To make the most of your trip to Japan, come experience my cooking class and get tips you can use at home!

During the cooking experience, I can also guide you to Tokyo's hidden restaurants, off-the-beaten-path tourist spots, interesting supermarkets, and a secret Japanese garden just a five-minute walk away, so you can count on me for travel support.

I look forward to meeting all of you.


The closest station

Edogawabashi Station

How to get to the station?

From Ikebukuro Station: 10mins

Free pick up service

This host can pick up you for free from the closest station!

Exact location provided after booking.

FAQ about Discover the Art of Bento and Sake Tasting at Ikebukuro: A Hands-On Cooking and Sake Experience" | Cooking class by miho

  • How long is this cooking class by miho?

    Duration of this cooking class is 4.5 hours.

  • What is the maximum capacity of miho's cooking class?

    Up to 2 people can join miho's cooking class.

  • Is Discover the Art of Bento and Sake Tasting at Ikebukuro: A Hands-On Cooking and Sake Experience" available for vegetarians?

    Yes, Discover the Art of Bento and Sake Tasting at Ikebukuro: A Hands-On Cooking and Sake Experience" has a vegetarian option.

  • How to get to the place where Discover the Art of Bento and Sake Tasting at Ikebukuro: A Hands-On Cooking and Sake Experience" being held?

    Please go to Edogawabashi Station which takes 10 mins from Ikebukuro Station. Then miho (host) will pick you up there!

  • How much does it cost to join Discover the Art of Bento and Sake Tasting at Ikebukuro: A Hands-On Cooking and Sake Experience"?

    It costs 20000 per person.

Additional cooking class information

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    You will receive the confirmation within 24 hours.

  • Payment

    We accepts these cards on airKitchen.

  • Cancellation

    Cancellations up to 48 hours prior to the class begins will be fully refunded by the airKitchen cancellation policy.

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