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3 hours

Max 3 guests

Market Visiting

Cooking Class Menu

(Teriyaki chicken, Japanese omelette, pork sausages, ham, variety of veggies)
Japanese tea

Welcome to LGBTQ+ Friendly imi's BENTO project!!!

Cooking Class Information

Why is Japanese food so delicious, beautiful, and well-balanced at the same time? There is a secret method to make Japanese food so perfect. Even many Japanese do not know this method.
It doesn't have to be Japanese food to fill your BENTO box. Once you learn the secret method, you can make your own BENTO with the foods you cook everyday. You can make these foods more delicious, beautiful and well-balanced than ever.
My goal is to share the secret method with you so that you can continue the BENTO lifestyle after getting back home and to help spread BENTO worldwide. That's why this cooking class is called imi’s BENTO project!

*BENTO class is 10:00-13:00
*Class opens upon requests.
**Please send requests at least 3 days prior to the desired date. Last minute request may not be accepted.

9:45 meet at Kameari station(Tokyo metro Chiyoda line) My place is about 10 min walk
*please be noted that My room is on the 4th floor of the apartment building w/o an elevator. Only stairs.
10:00 introduction and lecture
10:45 cook some popular Japanese BENTO dishes
11:45 be creative! fill your own BENTO box
12:00 let's eat!
13:00 thank you for coming, see you off at Kameari station

*End time may vary depending on the number of attendees.

What you will do

Meet at Kameari station

1. Meet at Kameari station

Please take Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line to Kameari station. Please note that the subway bound for Ayase or Kita-Ayase does not go to Kameari station, so please take subway bound for other than those two. *I will send you specific direction once you know where to stay. *Ten minutes walk to my apartment from Kameari station. *Please be aware that my room is on the 4th floor of the apartment building with NO elevator. Only stairs.

Lecture (about one hour)

2. Lecture (about one hour)

Before we start cooking, there is a lecture to share the secret method of BENTO. This secret method is logical for easy application in different food cultures and life styles. Once you learn the secret method, you can make your own BENTO with the foods you cook everyday. It can be used not only for BENTO but also for daily meals or even for ordering food. This is very different from other cooking classes, which makes my BENTO class unique.

Cooking Time! (about one hour)

3. Cooking Time! (about one hour)

We will cook Teriyaki Chicken for main dish, and some easy side dishes. No charactor-bento but still looks pretty and easy to repeat. Most ingredients are easily found at stores in any country. I will introduce some Japanese unique food and vegetables.

Fill your BENTO box (about 15 min)

4. Fill your BENTO box (about 15 min)

It's time to be creative! Fill your BENTO box with a variety of dishes. About 10 dishes are prepared based on the methods, including the dishes we cook on Step 3.

Time to eat!(30 minutes)

5. Time to eat!(30 minutes)

After taking photos for your SNS, let's eat BENTO!

See you off at Kameari station

6. See you off at Kameari station

Class is about 3 hours. After the class, I will walk you back to Kameari station to see you off. *Kameari is located at the east edge of Tokyo. Famous for anime KOCHIKAME, there are many statues anime characters in the town. It is close to Skytree Tower or Asakusa. If you are planning to go there, it is easier to visit after the class.

About Host



★★★★★ (21)

Hi, I’m Imi.
When lost weight due to depression, I became aware of that "LIVE=EAT", "we EAT to create  our BODY and SOUL, and LIFE", "WHAT we eat creates WHO we are". I quit my office job and enrolled in food business school to be a food workshop organizer 10 yrs ago at age of 40.

Having more than 10 years of experience coordinating seminars for women's sexual wellness  as a member of NPO which provides PLHIV with quality care and support, I came to realize that "food" and "sexuality" are directly connected to our wellness, however, especially in Japanese society, they are both tend to focus on someone other than ourselves, such as family and partners.

I believe "food" and "sexuality" are primarily meant to be taking care of your own body and  loving yourself.  Loving yourself is essential to live a happy life, and food plays an important role as well.

For the Last 10 years I have been organizing "Food x Self-love" themed workshops for Japanese followers. It is time to spread my vision to the world.

I always make sure my food workshops are lots of fun but also inspire changes in people's lives by being logical for easy application in different food cultures and life styles.
Hoping my workshop to be a serendipitous moment in your life.

My mission is to take a part in creating a colorful society where we can freely express who we are and love as we are.

Happiness is always within you.
Join LGBTQ+ friendly imi's BENTO project!!


The closest station

Kameari station

How to get to the station?

From Kitasenju : 5mins

Free pick up service

This host can pick up you for free from the closest station!

Exact location provided after booking.

Reviews of Cooking Class

Victoria, United States of America


I learned many new things and I had so much fun! She is very nice and easy-going, and the class is good for people at all cooking experience levels.

Jun 2024

Chinua Mosley, United Arab Erimates


This was by far the best cooking class out of the three cooking classes that we took in Japan. Our host, Imi, is fantastic. We have some strange dietary restrictions, and she took care of us without an issue. She is a vibe in general. We can't recommend her enough. You'll definitely love this class.

Apr 2024


Response from Imi
Chinua and Bianca, thank you for your review! Yes, I was at first worried about your “strange dietary restrictions” but glad it worked out just fine. I’m so happy my cooking class was the best out of the three classes and you guys enjoyed it so much! I also had a great time with you talking about food, music, and life style in UAE. Hope to see you again!

Uri, Israel


Great experience, Izumi is a wonderful teacher, very patient and polite. Had fun conversing about food, cooking and life.

Apr 2024


Response from Imi
Uri, Thank you for choosing my bento cooking class! Had a great time sharing food experiences and culture with you. I hope my cooking class becomes one of the best memories in your 3 months stay in Japan.

Filipa, Portugal


Perfect local Tokyo morning with Imi, and also food harmony and bento learning. We had signed up for a BENTO box workshop with Imi, curious to learn about the famous Japanese style richly packed lunch boxes. So, we headed this morning for a lovely Tokyo neighborhood. Imi greeted us at the train stop and after a short walk welcomed us to her apartment, where we spent 3h having fun, learning, enjoying ourselves, cooking, mounting our BENTO box and eventually eating it. Exactly as promised, and a little more. Imi’s class on the balanced approach to building the meal was great to follow and full of insight, learning to cook tamagoyaki, the famous Japanese omelet, was a highlight for both of us, and in the end all the food we ate was delicious. But mostly, we felt a little bit of real Tokyo and spent time with a real lovely welcoming “Tokyan”. It was truly a morning well spent and we highly recommend it to everyone. Filipa and Gonçalo

Nov 2023


Response from Imi
Filipa and Goncalo, thank you for the beautiful review! Your review tells me how much you enjoyed my bento cooking class! I’m glad I could share with you not only the Japanese bento making but also how Japanese local lives daily life. It always makes me feel good to have a couple in my class. So much love in the air. I’m so happy when a couple are being comfortable as they are in my presence.

Anat Achiron, Israel


Title: A Delicious Dive into Bento Making! Review: We recently had the pleasure of participating in a bento-making course by fluent English and freindly Izumi Udagawa or in short Imi, and it was nothing short of delightful! The course was impressively informative, offering insights into the art of creating bento Japanese lunch boxes. Imi’s approach was incredibly friendly and supportive. She created an atmosphere that was welcoming and engaging. She encouraged interaction, making it easy to ask questions and share our experiences. She demonstrated a true passion for bento, sharing tips and tricks that only a seasoned expert would know, making the learning experience not only educational but also incredibly fun. The hands-on portion was a highlight, allowing us to apply our new knowledge to craft our own bento creations. It was immensely satisfying to arrange a variety of colorful components into a harmonious, edible composition. Moreover, the ingredients provided were fresh, diverse, and, most importantly, delicious. We left the course with a happy heart and a newfound appreciation for the bento tradition. We highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their culinary skills or simply seeking a fun and flavorful adventure. We will certainly bring a touch of Japan to our daily meals with our new bento-making skills! Thank you Imi!

Oct 2023


Response from Imi
Anat and Reuven, thank you for taking your time to write such a long thoughtful review. It was my pleasure to have you to my BENTO class from Israel in difficult time. I loved watching you two smiling, chuckling, gazing at each other during my class. So much joy in the air! In my class you took a lot of notes,asked questions, took photos of Japanese condiments, checked translation, you were all in it, which made me feel my class meaningful. Thank you again. Praying for your safety always.

Rebecca, Germany


Absolutely one of the best experiences we had during our first time in Japan! 100% recommend taking Imi's bento class! I booked over airkitchen and Imi replied almost instantly on where and when we meet etc. She made us feel welcomed right from the start. I always think it's something special to be invited to someone elses home. First we learned about the principles of Japanese Cuisine, then we started preparing different foods and created our own bento box. In the end we enjoyed the food we made. Oh, and she gave us the chopsticks and bentoboxwrap-furoshiki as a present! I actively decided against a regular bento class or one of those character bento classes, where you make food look nice, but would never do the same at home, because it would be way too much hassle. Imi's class teaches you the principles of Japanese Cuisine, which you can easily replicate at home. Oh, and it will absolutely make you able to enjoy the Japanese food even more! The class is the absolute best experience and souvenir (practically two in one) you could get yourself while in Japan. We highly recommend her class. Even better: do yourself a favor and book it for the beginning of your trip. You will be able to enjoy the Japanese cuisine much, much more and more intensely! Thank you, Imi, for that amazing experience!

Oct 2023


Response from Imi
Rebecca and Cordula Thank you for joining my bento class and the longest review!! I love having guests like you who are willing to learn new things and actively engage. It makes my class more enjoyable. I was very happy you emailed me from next destination telling me that you could recognize the basic principles in the meals and made you appreciate the food much more. This is all about my class. I would like to inspire my guests to be little bit more mindfulness about what they eat. Thank you for making my class meaningful.

Hannah, United Kingdom


Had a lovely morning making bento with Imi, who was a great host and taught us loads of interesting things about Japanese cooking! The bento was so much fun to make and tasted delicious :) would definitely recommend this class!

Sep 2023


Response from Imi
Hannah and Louis, thank you for joining my bento cooking class. I had a wonderful time with you, especially the way you both created stories as putting dishes in the bento box. Making bento is being creative! Looking forward to seeing your bento photos!!

Yahnnis, Switzerland


I really enjoyed cooking with Imi! The class was not only informative but also incredibly fun. Also instructor was knowledgeable and patient. She gave me a printed paper explaining the principles of japanese cuisine and gave me some helpful cooking tips. After finishing creating my bento box, the instructor even captured the moment by taking a Polaroid of me, which I still keep. At the end we enjoyed our meal, it turned out the dishes were so tasty! I highly recommend this bento class, it was a truly enjoyable and creative experience for me. Now I can enjoy cooking for me and my family.

Mar 2023


Response from Imi
Yahnis, thank you for joining my bento cooking class and for the review. I remember you took a couple of cooking classes in your stay. It was such a pleasure to have you as my guest who is not only into eating but also learning how to cook our food. I hope my class helped you to cook healthy food for your mom.

Diederik Meijnckens, Netherlands


Allthough I knew some basic Japanese cooking principles, Imi explaned to me more about how to make a balanced meal. And how to adapt this to other kinds of food that you might find back home, outside of Japan. She's a heartwarming person, making you feel at ease right away. A great Japanese cook with fluent English speech, it's the perfect combination for foreigners in Japan! Thank you Imi for spreading the love for cooking. Big recommendation for anyone who's interested in cooking, and Japanese culture in general.

Aug 2023


Response from Imi
Diederik thank you for joining my Bento cooking class. I had a great time sharing my cooking principles with you. Also it was inspiring to know your challenge to learn Japanese language. Never too old to learn something new. I hope my class helps you for the new traditions in your family to make bento each other.

Ana, Spain


I'm so glad I chose to do Imi's Bento Box class on my last day in Japan, it was the perfect ending to a great holiday. Imi was an incredible host from beginning to end. She met me at the train station and and I felt immediately at ease with her as we both shared a love for food and travel! Before we started cooking she gave me a little introduction to the fundamentals of Japanese cooking which I found really interesting. Then we went onto the cooking part of the lesson and this was a lot of fun. I loved learning to cook some of the stuff I had enjoyed eating during my time in Japan. And then of course we got to eat what we had prepared which was just delicious! I had lots of questions about Japanese food and culture and Imi answered each and everyone of them, she even took me to a supermarket on our way back to the train station to show me more interesting stuff. So all I can say is that I couldn't recommend Imi's class highly enough and that I can't wait to put my bento box making skills to the test in my everyday life back home.

Apr 2023


Response from Imi
Ana, Thanks for joining my bento class on your last day in Japan. As soon as I met you at the station I knew this’s gonna be a great class. I love your happy energy and curiosity for unique Japanese food. I was impressed by your bento photo you sent me right after you’re back home. You prepared all the ingredients from an Asian supermarket and duplicated what we cooked together. I had such a wonderful time with you. You reminded me how much I love sharing the secrets to daily bento life with the guests! I would like to keep doing this!

Emily, Netherlands


I had such a great time!! Thank you Imi!! She explains the tastes, colours and cooking perfectly. I was a top experience and the food delicious. Highly recommended!!

May 2023


Response from Imi
Emily thank you for taking my bento class on your only one day off during the short business trip to Japan. I hope my class helped you to make your own bento to impress your Japanese colleague. Such a pleasure to meet you. I had a great time talking about food, travel, life style and especially the Rainbow Pride in Netherlands. Hopefully see you again in October!

Henning, Germany


I went into this cooking class with some prior experience of making rather simple Bentos, and wanted to get some pointers of how to improve. Imi's cooking class certainly did not disappoint here, as she did not only teach a few recipes I had not yet done, but also did a lecture about how to combine different foods into an interesting and balanced Bento. Imi was a very kind and accommodating host. Throughout the session we were chatting about food and traveling in general, which created a relaxed atmosphere. Overall I very much enjoyed the class and have gotten quite a few tips and ideas of how to improve my daily Bentos. I would very much recommend Imi's cooking class for those not just interested in a few Bento recipes, but also in planning a good Bento.

May 2023


Response from Imi
Henning thank you for choosing my bento cooking class over others. Since you have a good experience with cooking Japanese food and bentos, I was bit nervous if my class meets your expectations. I’m glad I was able to give you some tips and ideas to improve your daily bento life. It was such a pleasure to talk with you about your love for Japanese food and travel. I’m looking forward to seeing you again on your 10th travel to Japan, and your bento photos!

Valentina Le Thanh, United Kingdom


We've loved our cooking experience with Imi! I just regret we didn't do it earlier in our trip (we did it in our last days in Japan), we would have understood the Japanese cuisine much better if we had done it earlier. Imi started with a nice introductions regarding the Japanese cuisine and we talked about the tastes/ingredients, ways of cooking and colours. I never pay too much attention to the specific tastes and ways of cooking when I eat, so I really enjoyed learning this new approach too food. We then cooked tasty but simple food, which we could easily replicate at home, even with a busy schedule. Finally we had a delicious and healthy lunch, while chatting about Japan, our lives and future projects. Imi is a wonderful host and it was a real pleasure spending the morning with her and learning about Japanese Bento. We strongly recommend this cooking class and we'll certainly use these tips for our future bentos!

May 2023


Response from Imi
Valentina and Dario Thank you for taking your time to write such a nice review!!! I’m glad you enjoyed my class not only cooking but also the lecture about Japanese food. It’s very important for me to share the methods to be more practical. I loved your free mind and challenging spirit for unknown foods. I was happy you ate more from the plates after eating up everything in the bento box. Looking forward to seeing your own bento pics!

Jim Andretta, United States of America


Imi was spectacular! We learned a ton from her informative session about her approach to Japanese food and how to balance the various flavors of local cuisine. It was great getting to know her and we felt so welcome in her home. Cannot recommend highly enough!

May 2023


Response from Imi
Jim and Lauri Thank you for choosing my cooking class! It was so nice to see son and mother enjoying time together. I was happy you guys were active participants, answering my questions, taking notes, and asking questions. That I know you will take some of the tips learned from my class into your daily life. I hope you enjoy making your own bento near future!

Evelyn, Germany


Our cooking class with Imi was a great experience! She not only showed us how to make the bento, she introduced us to the Japanese cooking style and the different aspects of it. Her openhearted and kind character quickly broke the ice between us! We had wonderful conversations and got lost in time. The Bento Box was super delicious and we can't wait until the next cooking session!

Mar 2020


Response from Imi
Evelyn and Robert Thank you guys for choosing my class over many others. You guys were so cute cooking together. You made me wish more couples join my class! I was very impressed that you sent me a photo next day, which was your own bento box filled with some deli and rice. It’s easy to buy a ready-to-eat bento at any store in Japan but you created your own bento! You instantly took what you learned into daily life. You made me so happy because this is what “imi’s BENTO project” really means!! My goal is to share the secret with guests so that they can continue BENTO lifestyle even after going back home. Thank you again. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ana, Germany


I really enjoyed cooking with Imi. We had a great time and I learned so much from this great Bento class. Can‘t wait to start my first bento at home, wirh all the tips ;) Arigatou gozaimasou

Feb 2020


Response from Imi
Thank you for choosing my bento class Ana. I was very impressed you enjoy unique Japanese food such as raw egg on rice, pickled plums and even Fermented Soybeans. You are the first guest who brought a notebook to my class actually taking notes!! You are a serious student! I’m looking forward to seeing your first bento using a long forgotten bento box in the lucky bag. Please come back to Japan for the forth time!

Michael, United Kingdom


Very fun session

Jan 2020


Response from Imi
Thank you Michael. Me too enjoyed the session with you.

Evelyn, Malaysia


Imi is an excellent host! Her lesson was very informative and interesting and I had a fantastic time! The location is a little out of the central area but it gave me a chance to explore the non-touristy part of Tokyo!

Oct 2019


Response from Imi
Evelyn Thank you for coming all the way to east edge of Tokyo to join my BENTO class. Since you lives in Japan so long, I decided to cook “leave it alone” chicken instead of teriyaki chicken. It’s easy preparation and chicken breast cooked soft and juicy. Hopefully it helps your busy days with baby boy. I enjoyed very much the quality conversation we shared.

Emma, Australia


I had a wonderful time at imi’s class! She took the time to carefully explain the method to making a perfect bento before we started cooking, and the cooking itself was very easy to follow so I’m confident I’ll be able to apply what I learned after I return home. I think anyone from a beginner to someone more experienced with Japanese cooking would be able to learn something from this experience. The bento was very tasty, and Imi was also super friendly and easy to talk to. Highly recommended!

May 2019


Response from Imi
Emma Thank you for the review! I enjoyed sharing bento secrets and talking about your interest in musicals. So excited when you sent me a photo of your bento after returning home. Your bento had everything I shared in the class. You are a wonderful student! Keep your daily bento life going!

Kyle, United States of America


Your class was the highlight of my time in Tokyo and possibly my whole trip. Would love to take another of your classes next time i'm in Tokyo

Apr 2019


Response from Imi
Kyle Thank you for choosing my class. So excited to hear that my bento class was the highlight of your whole trip because I know you had visited many places including Mt.Fuji, Kyoto and Hiroshima. I could tell in your eyes you were so excited about learning the secret methods and enjoyed making bento. I’m so happy you are practicing and asking me questions even after you went back home. Please come back again!

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Response from Imi

FAQ about Secrets to daily BENTO life | Cooking class by Imi

  • How much does it cost to join Secrets to daily BENTO life ?

    It costs 14000 per person.

  • How to get to the place where Secrets to daily BENTO life being held?

    Please go to Kameari station which takes 5 mins from Kitasenju . Then Imi (host) will pick you up there!

  • How long is this cooking class by Imi?

    Duration of this cooking class is 3 hours.

  • What is the maximum capacity of Imi's cooking class?

    Up to 3 people can join Imi's cooking class.

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    You will receive the confirmation within 24 hours.

  • Payment

    We accepts these cards on airKitchen.

  • Cancellation

    Cancellations up to 48 hours prior to the class begins will be fully refunded by the airKitchen cancellation policy.

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