Top 5 Sushi making class in Osaka

Top 5 Sushi making class in Osaka

When it comes to Japanese dishes, there is nothing more iconic and characteristic of the country’s menu, than that of the sushi.
The sushi is today an emblem of the Japanese kitchen and is perhaps the first dish that many people would identify with the country’s culinary culture.

If you’re interested in making sushi and happen to be in Osaka, there are many sushi making classes that can be found in this vast city.
The five best sushi making classes in Osaka are given in the list below.

Decorated Sushi Rolls

sushi roll

This is a great class for those who would love customized sushis.
Set in a traditional Japanese kitchen, you will learn how to prepare decorated sushi rolls, and then dig into your creations.
In addition to the sushis, you will also be checking out the host’s miso soup as well as green tea.
Price: ¥9000
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The Basic Sushi

traditional making

If you are a fan of the infamous Nigiri Sushi, you will want to check this out.
The session will help you learn how to make 8 different nigiri-sushis, as well as the classic miso soup. Also to look forward to, are the delicious Japanese sweets, common during traditional tea time.
The class has vegetarian options for those who prefer meat-free choices. Taught by expert chefs, this is one of the best sushi sessions you will ever come across.
Price: ¥7500
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Tamaki Sushi & Miso Soup Combo

enjoying sushi making

Set in a traditional Japanese kitchen, you will be learning how to make the delicious Tamaki Sushi, or in other words, home style hand-rolled sushi.
Also in the works will be the traditional Miso soup, a common Japanese tea time favorite. With vegetarian options included, this is a great choice if meat isn’t your thing.
The class will finish off with you digging into your creation, a small lesson in Japanese, a Sushi Hat photo session and a final goodbye.
Price: ¥7500
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Chirashi Sushi

chirashi sushi making

If you are into a sweet traditional combo deal, this package would be the one for you.
Set in a traditional Japanese kitchen, you will be learning how to make the Chirashi Sushi or the Scattered Sushi. Also in the works will be the miso soup and the Tamago Yaki, or the Japanese omlet.
With a choice of sessions, talented chefs and an interesting potluck party to look forward to, you will surely enjoy this cooking deal.
Price: ¥5000
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In all, you are in luck if you happen to be in the region of Osaka and are a fan of the sushi.
So check out these amazing classes, and be prepared to become a sushi chef sooner than you would expect.

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