Yuka | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"I am a certified cooking instructor in a Japanese cooking school in English. I especially focus on teaching and cooking for people who have food restrictions so that everyone can enjoy food at the same table. One time, I had many restrictions in my diet such as wheat, milk, eggs, soy beans, and also experienced attending to foreign employees with allergy and religious background when I used to work for a foreign company in Japan.  In the midst of all this, I could not forget the warm hospitality and cooking classes I had during my trips, and decided that I would like to return this gratitude to the foreigners visiting and living in Japan . Since then, while studying medicinal cooking, shojin ryori, macrobiotic, vegan, and vegetarian cooking, I have been cooking and supervising menus at organic cafes and food stores, selling gluten-free and vegan medicinal lunch and dinner boxes, and researching healthy cooking that can be enjoyed by everyone in various backgrounds. I live in Oyamadai which is a peaceful and cozy area  just 20 minutes from Shibuya by train. We Todoroki canyon and Kuhonbutu temples are walking distance and also you can enjoy shopping in Jiyugaoka.  I am happy to arrange food you would like to eat depending on your request and looking forward to sharing our food culture with you. "

Yuka's cooking classes