Top 5 Takoyaki cooking class in Tokyo

Top 5 Takoyaki cooking class in Tokyo

Japan is home to some of the most interesting and unusual dishes in the world. One of them happens to be the Takoyaki.
For those who are not familiar with the Takoyaki, it is a ball-shaped snack made using wheat-flour based batter and cooked using a special molding pan. The insides of the Takoyaki is usually filled with diced or minced octopus, tempura scraps, green onion and pickled ginger. In other cases, the fillings might vary, such as in the case of vegetarian Takoyaki.

There is plenty of choices to go for, if you are into Takoyaki cooking classes in the Tokyo area. Five of the best Takoyaki cooking classes in the city of Tokyo are given in the list below.

Takoyaki Party

takoyaki cooking class
The class starts off with a visit to the local market, where you will be buying all the ingredients that you need.
Once you’re in the kitchen, you will start making your Takoyaki, whether it is from octopus, shrimp, squid or bacon. Alternatively, you can use a vegetarian substitute as well.
Dedicated especially for the preparation of the Takoyaki, this is one class you will love to be a part of.
Price: ¥4500
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The Takoyaki Bundle

takoyaki cooking

If you would like to dig into some delicious Takoyaki, this is the class for you.
Meant to be a seafood dish, the class allows you to make the same with vegetarian substitutes. In addition to this, you will also be preparing other daily specials.
The class finishes off with you eating your creation and washing it down with a nice cup of tea or coffee, as well as alcohol if you are into it.
Price: ¥3000
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Takoyaki Special

cooking takoyaki together
This is a cooking class that specializes in the preparation of the Takoyaki.
Each session starts off at the market, where you will be out buying the ingredients you need. The actual cooking will be in a traditional Japanese kitchen, where you will get started with making your very own Takoyaki, after which the session ends with a group dinner, party and a final farewell.
Price: ¥2500
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Homemade Takoyaki

eating takoyaki

If you are in search of a sweet package deal, this one would be ideal to go for.
In the class, you will be learning how to make the Takoyaki, as well as the Okonomiyaki or the Japanese Pancake. If you happen to be a vegetarian, there are options for the same as well.
From buying the actual ingredients to a traditional Japanese kitchen, this is a cooking class where you can find all that you ever wanted.
Price: ¥5000
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Takoyaki Combo

For those in search of a sweet combo deal, this would be an ideal pick.
The class is dedicated to the preparation of the Takoyaki and Miso soup, as well as Green tea, a common combination in many parts of Japan.
The session will start off in a traditional kitchen after shopping at a local market. Once you are done with the preparations, you will be finishing off what you’ve prepared and bid a final goodbye.
Price: ¥5000
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Last but not least, there are indeed many more amazing choices to go for, if you happen to be into Takoyaki cooking and are visiting the city of Tokyo.
So check out these amazing hotels, discover their menus and be prepared to have your taste buds delighted.