Nahoko&Tomoko | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"We are both mothers of two and cooking is our daily routine. We both love to eat and have passion for cooking. Nahoko has worked for a food section in a trading company and at a Japanese tableware store. She has attended various cooking classes and has served as an assistant as well. She loves to collect antique and artist’s tableware and enjoys setting the table beautifully with her dishes. Tomoko has been abroad for 20 years including her childhood. After becoming a mom, she has lived in Singapore and in the US for 12 years. She has been exchanging recipes with her friends from all around the world. We welcome you to a Japanese home experience in a relaxing ambience with Omotenashi, a heartfelt hospitality. Join us and let’s have an amazing time together! Visit Instagram (@ntcookin) "

Nahoko&Tomoko's cooking classes