Best Cooking Classes in Ubud in 2020

Visiting Ubud, Indonesia, on vacation? Well, if so, you are probably looking to fill your time with experiences that make your trip as memorable as possible. You will find that Indonesia is known for a lot of different things, and Ubud especially is known for its food selection. These top cooking classes are ideal for vegans looking to experience the local cuisine in a unique way.

The Casa Luna Cooking SchoolClass

The Casa Luna Cooking School

Source: The Casa Luna Cooking School

The Casa Luna cooking school is a world-famous culinary centre that provides a fascinating insight into Balinese life and culture through learning about its food, cooking and culinary myths. Classes are part demonstration, part hands-on and are held in the lush grounds of the Second Honeymoon Guesthouse. Participants learn about the exotic herbs and spices used in ceremonial and everyday dishes with a focus on their unique healing properties. A lavish Balinese feast is then prepared together and enjoyed with homemade hibiscus tea.

Hours: Monday - Sunday 8am - 1pm
Closed: Open All Year Book Ahead
Price: Rp 400,000 - 500,000 per person

The Balinese Farm Cooking SchoolClass

The Balinese Farm Cooking School

Source: The Balinese Farm Cooking School

At the Balinese Farm Cooking School you will visit the only Balinese cooking school in Ubud who has its own growth farm. Only here you will see how fruit, vegetables and herbs grow. You will pick most of the ingredient freshly and at the same time learn those different ingredients. They grow our farm organically, which means that you will have more healthy food if you cook with their organic ingredients.

Hours: Monday - Sunday 7:30am - 6pm
Closed: Book On The Website
Price: Packages Start At Rp 400,000

The Paon Bali Cooking SchoolClass

The Paon Bali Cooking School

Source: The Paon Bali Cooking School

The Paon Bali Cooking School is the ultimate farm experience where you will see where your fruits and vegitables are grown. On a lush and lavish farm you will see what the beauty of Ubud holds while learning to prepare traditional foods in the farmhouse kitchen.

Hours: Monday - Friday Morning Class 8:30am Afternoon Class 3:30pm
Closed: Closed Weekends
Price: Packages Start At Rp 350,000

The Bali Asli Real Culinary ExperiencesClass

The Bali Asli Real Culinary Experiences

Source: The Bali Asli Real Culinary Experiences

The cooking school runs unique classes themed on “a day in the life of...” every class includes an adventure into local areas off the beaten track. Whether it is learning how to plant rice or plough with a cow, fishing in a jukung canoe and cooking on an open fire or making cocktails from cashew nut wine, the school's students always leave with fond memories and new skills to experiment with when they get home.

Hours: Monday - Sunday 10am - 6pm
Closed: Open All Days
Price: Packages Starting At Rp 300,000

Lobong Culinary ExperienceClass

Lobong Culinary Experience

Source: Lobong Culinary Experience

A delicious opportunity to learn the secrets of the fresh and flavorful superb Balinese Cuisine inside a beautiful, traditional, and serene Balinese family compound. Begin your experience at a local market, where your Family Host will purchase and explain the fresh herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables used in your class. You’ll learn how to prepare a complete menu inclusive of appetizer, a variety of traditional mouth-watering entrees, accompanying dishes, and dessert.

Hours: Monday - Sunday 8am - 5pm
Closed: Book Online
Price: Packages Start At Rp 425,000

The Green Kitchen Cooking ClassesClass

The Green Kitchen Cooking Classes

Source: The Green Kitchen Cooking Classes

Experience real Balinese dishes in the sacred village of Sidemen. At the Green Kitchen the chefs will offer you their traditional way of cooking with firewood. Their open air kitchen is surrounded by organic farms and breathtaking rice field views. You will truly feel the energy of nature as you learn to cook amongst the green hillsides.

Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm
Closed: Closed Weekends
Price: Cooking Classes Start at Rp 350,00

The Bumbu Bali Spices & Cooking ClassClass

Discover the spiced flavors of Bali’s virtually unknown cuisine. Classes offer a fascinating introduction in to the exotic ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali. These classes also offer a valuable insight into the various techniques, traditional and modern food preparation and the cooking style used in homes across the island. Participants will be guided into the many secrets, and flavors of Bali and at the same time, discover and feel the peacefulness of a harmonious Warung.

Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 2pm
Closed: Closed Weekends
Price: $65 - $85

Balinese Cooking Class at the BaleClass

Balinese Cooking Class at the Bale

Source: Balinese Cooking Class at the Bale

Balinese Cuisine is one of the most complex, varied and delicious cuisines in the world. Using an incredible variety of spices, blended with the freshest vegetables, meat and fish, real Balinese food is an unforgettable cultural experience. The house Chef will share with you some of the secrets of Balinese cuisine. You will get to be the Chef's guest sous chef for the day, starting in the morning picking the best produce at market, then discussing recipes and finally preparing, cooking and – the best bit – sampling your own delicious creations.

Hours: Monday - Sunday 12pm - 3pm
Closed: Book A Reservation
Price: Rp 950,000

Scenography Cooking School at the RimbaClass

Scenography Cooking School at the Rimba

Source: Scenography Cooking School at the Rimba

Situated amidst Rimba Jimbaran Bali’s vast gardens, Scenography Cooking School is a contemporary culinary destination that specializes in providing guests with an authentic Balinese cooking experience. Accompanied by the cooking school’s culinary team, guests receive a multi-sensory introduction to the basics of Bali’s unique cuisine and hands-on experience with recognizing Bali’s exotic produce including turmeric, lemongrass, palm sugar, chili, and salam leaves.

Hours: Monday - Sunday 9am - 12:30pm
Closed: Book Online Or At The desk
Price: Rp 1,050,000

Bridges Bali Wine ClassesClass

Bridges Bali Wine Classes

Source: Bridges Bali Wine Classes

Looking for something a little different to the island? You like wines and are eager to learn more? Then maybe a weekly Friday evening wine tasting Masterclass is just the ticket for you. The local house sommelier loves to share his vast knowledge about wine. You will make interesting discoveries and get insights, tasting notes as well as food pairing ideas and experience most interesting and entertaining 60 minutes with like-minded wine lovers.

Hours: Friday 7pm - 9pm
Closed: Only Available Fridays
Price: Rp 200,000

Paon BaliClass

Paon Bali

Source: Paon Bali

You can learn how to craft vegan and vegetarian dishes in a classroom that focuses only on traditional and local recipes and techniques.

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7am – 10pm
Closed: None
Price: Rp 350,000 / person

Sayuri Healing FoodClass

Sayuri Healing Food

Source: Sayuri Healing Food

Their plant-based food is focused on healing not only the energies in your body but your soul as well. Embark on a unique adventure with Sayuri Healing Food cooking class.

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8am – 10pm
Closed: None
Price: N/A

Casa Luna Cooking SchoolClass

Casa Luna Cooking School

Source: Casa Luna Cooking School

Discover healing dishes such as pumpkin curry, tempeh, and roasted coconut banana flower salad. These spices and vegan techniques are yours to learn.

Monday: 9am – 2pm
Tuesday: 8am – 2pm
Wednesday: 9am – 2pm
Thursday: 8am – 2pm
Friday: 9am – 2pm
Saturday: 9am – 2pm
Sunday: 5pm – 9pm
Closed: None
Price: Rp 450,000 / person

Why Taking a Cooking Classes in Ubud is a Must-Do

Experience Ubud Like No Other Tourist

When you visit Ubud, Indonesia most likely you are thinking of the crystal clear blue water, the snorkling, the scuba diving and the endless white sand beaches. However, you are forgetting the amazing cultural experience that exists in the daily ritual of eating. Don't just indulge in the food but experience how to make it in a Ubud Cooking Class.

Take Home A Bit Of The Experience

Small trinkets picked up at the airport pale in comparison to the knowledge received and kept as part of a local Ubud Cooking Class. In Ubud you can truly taste and experience what it means to be in Indonesia and what it means to taste the islands. Bring home knowledge of spices and ingredients from a Ubud Cooking Class.

Cooking Classes Unique To Any In The World

No where else in the world will you be able to take a Ubud cooking class on local cuisine and local spices. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the experts in their homes and in their places of work. This is your chance to develop a skill that few will ever be able to experience let alone take home with them. Don't miss your chance to learn from the Bali culinary experts in a Ubud cooking class.

You Can Make New Vegan and Non-Vegan Friends in Ubud!

The whole point of these cooking classes isn't just cooking and learning how to cook authentic vegan dishes. It is to introduce you to people of the local culture, and from all over the world. You get the opportunity to make new friends and meet new people with these top cooking classes.

Explore Ubud Indonesian Culture and Food While Vegan

You get the opportunity to not only make authentic Indonesian dishes, but also try exotic foods, and meet new people. But, you also get the chance to explore the culture of Ubud, Indonesia, through the food that they have to offer. Even their vegan selection of food is rich in more than just flavor, but the local culture as well.

Vegan Cooking Classes are Fun and Tasty!

The most important thing to do on vacation is to have fun. What better way to have fun than to relax with good people, good vegan food, in a fun environment that will create memories that will last a lifetime. You are exploring a culture that is so rich in unique and fun ways.

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