Best Cooking Classes in Chengdu in 2023

If you are planning a vacation to Chengdu, China, you are most likely looking into ways that will bring you closer to the culture. However, just visiting the sights and taking tours isn't enough. You need a unique way to learn more about China. Look no further than one of these top cooking classes. They will bring you closer to culture while teaching you a valuable skill.

2 Cooking Classes


Cheng Du Cooking

Cheng Du Cooking

Source: Cheng Du Cooking

This 3-4 hour long cooking class will teach you how to make authentic Sichuan cuisine in a traditional Chinese home. This will be a classic ambiance of your journey.

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Hours: Reservation Only
Closed: Not listed
Price: $58 USD / Person

Why Taking a Cooking Classes in Chengdu is a Must-Do

Cooking Classes in Chengu is a Fun Way to Experience Chengdu Culture

You want your vacation to be full of adventure and fun activities. You need to be stimulated educationally while doing something enjoyable and memorable. Cooking classes can deliver just that. You will not only learn how to make one or more enjoyable, traditional dishes, but you will also learn about the local culture.

Learn About Chengdu Chinese Culture and Cuisine

The culture of China is very rich and deep. You could learn a lot about their culture through the very food that they eat. When you explore their dishes and ingredients, you are learning about their way of life and the traditions and secrets that are passed down through generations among families.

Make New Friends in Your Cooking Class!

When you are participating in cooking classes in Chengdu, China, you are given the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Not only will you learn about Chinese culture, but you have the chance to learn about cultures from all over the world. You will make new friends among the people you meet, giving you more to take away.

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