Fumiko | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"Hi, our name is Fumiko and Atsuko. Fumiko is housewife and I have two daughters. I graduated from cooking school in Japan. Also, I graduated from college in Los Angels. So, I like to cook and communicate with foreigners. I can teach from home cooking to Japanese traditional food. Atsuko is also graduated from cooking school in Japan. She used to work at famous Japanese and Italian resturant. Also, she is studying about Japanes sake and she has a J.S.A Sake Diploma. So, she has a lot of knowlages about it. My house is in front of Higashinihonbashi station which is close to Ginza and Asakusa. In our class, we want to teach you about not only cooking but also we want to tell you about many things about Japan. You will enjoy our class and we will have a good time."

Fumiko's cooking classes