Junko | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"Hello, welcome to Japan!! My name is Junko Hayashi. I'm a foodie person who loves to chitchat and entertain people . I'm living in Tokyo with my great family(husband and a son). I have been working at a hotel as a concierge in Tokyo. Through my career, I notice that many travelers are interested in Japanese homemade food and love to meet Japanese people. So, I decided to open a cooking class to invite those tourists to experience Japanese culture at home. In the cooking experience, I can also guide you about Tokyo's hideout restaurants and the latest sightseeing spots, so please leave your help on traveling. I am looking forward to seeing you. A Class List “ Home-style vegetable or meat gyoza and Strawberry Daifuku “ “ Colorful press sushi and Strawberry Daifuku” “ Party sushi cake for celebration “ “ Fluffy omelette rice and Strawberry Daifuku “ “ Japanese mom’s cooking class” "

Junko's cooking classes